Letters From Sylvia Mackey, Sandra Unitas Address Forgotten Widows

March 06, 2012 | WNST Staff

The exclusion of the beneficiaries of the BELOVED LEGENDS who were taken away from their loved ones before 11:59 pm of August 3, 2011, from receiving the Legacy Fund increase, is an absolute disgrace to the world of professional football.  These deceased legends worked hard, suffered, and contributed to the brilliant rise of the National Football League, just as much as  the deceased legends who passed away after midnight of August 4, 2011.

It goes beyond the money. As the hurt increases every day, these NFL FORGOTTEN/NEGLECTED WIDOWS realize more and more that they have not only been swept under the rug, they are now being crushed under this rug by a steam roller of deception and cruelty, as no one believed that something like this could even happen, when the ugly rumor first started to rear its ugly head.  What a travesty!!!

Human error can be corrected by human beings, and this must be done.  As my mother used to tell me, “there is no such thing as ‘can’t”.

There was a time when Jim Crow laws existed, a time when interracial marriages were illegal, and a time when women were not allowed to vote.    This is 2012, and no one in their right might could possibly feel that this neglect must continue, as it this is WRONG!!!

I do not believe that there is a human being alive who can say that this exclusion is justified and right.  Were there any women who took part in this a horrifically despicable decision?  Where was the voice of those who are being slapped in the face by this spitting on their husband’s graves?

I am pleading with DeMaurice, his Executive Committee, and the National Football League to work together as One Team to do the right thing by correcting this injustice and neglect of the NFL’S FORGOTTEN/NEGLECTED WIDOWS.

Thank you,

Sylvia Mackey, Mrs. #88
Widow of John Mackey, Baltimore Colts
One of the FORGOTTEN/NEGLECTED LEGENDS, because God took him before August 4, 2011, and one of 319 others whom God chose to take before this man-chosen date.