The latest #WNSTSweet16 is a laughing matter

March 25, 2014 | Luke Jones

4. Terrell Suggs

The Ravens linebacker has mellowed a bit late in his career, but he’s always affectionately been known as a clown in the locker room who is never afraid to give teammates good-natured grief or to distract them from interviews in a variety of ways that can only be left to the imagination.

Never one to shy away from talking trash to opponents and their fans, Suggs has provided colorful sound bytes and filled reporters’ notebooks for countless Ravens-Steelers weeks over the years. After a rare blowout victory over Pittsburgh in 2011, Suggs famously said of Ben Roethlisberger, “God can have his soul, but his ass belongs to me.”

Often sounding more like a professional wrestler than a football player, Suggs’ entertaining showdowns with ESPN’s Skip Bayless don’t quite match Muhammad Ali’s famouse encounters with Howard Cosell, but they have created a similar feel in a world with much more media coverage.

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