The latest #WNSTSweet16 is a laughing matter

March 25, 2014 | Luke Jones

3. Earl Weaver

Unlike most of the characters included on this list, the late Orioles manager’s personality rarely came across as warm and comedic, but it was his rage that led to the many goofball moments fans fondly remember in his Hall of Fame career.

Whether it was tearing up a rulebook on the mound or kicking dirt on an umpire, Weaver and his many encounters with umpires really need no description if you’ve ever seen the countless highlights or witnessed them in person. One of Weaver’s most famous quotes that showed his competitive nature came after outfielder Pat Kelly told him it was great to walk with the Lord and the manager replied, “I’d rather you walk with the bases loaded.”

Weaver’s tirades live on through uncensored highlights on the Internet as fans will not only remember his outstanding managing but the goofball reactions shaped by his anger for the umpires he perceived had wronged him.

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