The latest #WNSTSweet16 is a laughing matter

March 25, 2014 | Luke Jones

2. Rick Dempsey

The former catcher and coach qualifies as a human mascot of sorts for the Orioles as he was revered for his scrappy play and is still loved for his sense of humor — and off-the-wall and, sometimes, ridiculous proclamations — years later as a broadcaster.

His performances during rain delays were legendary as he’d imitate Babe Ruth and other baseball figures and slide across a wet tarp to entertain soaked fans while rain held up play.

Having a temper that occasionally collided with Weaver, Dempsey once threw his equipment at his longtime skipper before being reminded that he needed to listen to his boss. The catcher replied, “Yeah, you’re the boss spelled backward: double SOB.”

What a pair.

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