The latest #WNSTSweet16 is a laughing matter

March 25, 2014 | Luke Jones

14. Alex Hawkins

The former Baltimore Colts running back and co-captain was nicknamed “Captain Who?” after Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus didn’t know who he was during a pre-game coin toss, but Hawkins was notorious for staying out all night — occasionally getting into trouble — and is quite the storyteller despite not quite living up to late teammate Art Donovan in that department.

Several readers and listeners gave a nod to the 76-year-old not only for his reputation for getting into mischief in his younger days but for his work as a commentator in the 1970s that landed him on the unemployment line on several occasions. According to a 1991 piece by John Steadman, Hawkins once introduced a contest between Philadelphia and New Orleans by saying, “Ladies and gentleman, today we have the two worst teams in football playing on the worst field in the league. Stay tuned, this should be hilarious.”

If that wasn’t enough, Hawkins once quipped about a player with two broken hands that he’d find out who his real friends were when he had to go to the men’s room. It was the kind of work that left network executives cringing but fans howling as he’s also written books sharing humorous stories about his NFL days.


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  1. Sam Says:

    Great work Luke. Actually was a great list and you didn’t miss a name. IMO.

  2. chris Says:

    GREAT job. I dont think anyone in their right mind would complain about this list. Watching the letterman clips with Art Donovan took me back. Holy Moly he was funny.

    On a side note, what do you think the back lash would be today if a player (just because he was also on the list, we’ll say Terell Suggs) went on a late night talk show and talked about a jewish guy beating him out in college and then making the reference to “those guys are supposed to be lawyers and doctors? It makes me wish we could go back to the 80’s and 90’s when people didnt get bent out of shape about everything.

    (L.J. – Thanks, Chris. I was thinking the same exact thing when I heard that portion of the clip. It was definitely a different era.)

  3. Phil Says:

    Nice job! I still get chills listening to the Decinces homerun call…seems like it was yesterday for a lifelong Oriooo’s fan as Eckman would say.

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