The latest #WNSTSweet16 is a laughing matter

March 25, 2014 | Luke Jones

9. Wild Bill Hagy

Many players have been forgotten in the 60-year history of the Orioles, but few individuals gained as much notoriety as Hagy, who famously led chants from Section 34 in the upper deck of Memorial Stadium in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The cab driver from Dundalk was a Baltimore institution, even if he was occasionally guilty of being too intoxicated to spell “Orioles” correctly when he’d brought a few too many cold ones to the ballpark on a given night. He became a symbol of “Orioles Magic” that lives on to this day after he initially gained inspiration from legendary Colts fan Leonard “Big Wheel” Burrier.

Despite a falling-out over a new policy that barred him from bringing his own beer to games in 1985, Hagy and the Orioles eventually patched things up and his last known cheer came at Cal Ripken’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cooperstown, N.Y., just weeks before his death in 2007. The following year, Hagy was memorialized with a giveaway t-shirt and was inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame.


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  1. Sam Says:

    Great work Luke. Actually was a great list and you didn’t miss a name. IMO.

  2. chris Says:

    GREAT job. I dont think anyone in their right mind would complain about this list. Watching the letterman clips with Art Donovan took me back. Holy Moly he was funny.

    On a side note, what do you think the back lash would be today if a player (just because he was also on the list, we’ll say Terell Suggs) went on a late night talk show and talked about a jewish guy beating him out in college and then making the reference to “those guys are supposed to be lawyers and doctors? It makes me wish we could go back to the 80’s and 90’s when people didnt get bent out of shape about everything.

    (L.J. – Thanks, Chris. I was thinking the same exact thing when I heard that portion of the clip. It was definitely a different era.)

  3. Phil Says:

    Nice job! I still get chills listening to the Decinces homerun call…seems like it was yesterday for a lifelong Oriooo’s fan as Eckman would say.

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