It’s time to honor some local sports “saints” with our #WNSTSweet16

March 18, 2014 | Glenn Clark

6. Carmelo Anthony

I imagine this is the biggest “surprise” on the list. You might not be aware of this…

The Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center was created through a partnership between Living Classrooms Foundation, the Carmelo Anthony Foundation, and the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. Carmelo Anthony, an NBA star and native Baltimorean, contributed over $1.5 million to reopen the Youth Development Center, a 33,000 square foot facility located in East Baltimore. The Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center responds to the community’s need for intervention that supports the academic and social development of disadvantaged youth by providing year-round out-of-school-time programming for elementary and middle school students living in East Baltimore. The children and youth served reside primarily in public housing and low-income neighborhoods and their communities lack many of the services found in more affluent areas.

It is fair to see that ‘Melo isn’t quite as visible in Baltimore as others at the top of the list, but his commitment to his former hometown remains unbelievably significant. It didn’t end with the donation. Carmelo is very involved with Thanksgiving dinners for those who need them in our area and has been incredibly helpful in other youth basketball initiatives in Baltimore.

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