This week’s #WNSTSweet16 isn’t a goof, just a celebration of them

March 23, 2014 | Glenn Clark

Maybe you’ve heard, but we’re celebrating our 16th year as Baltimore’s sports media leader here at WNST. And since we’ve been leading the way in sports media, we figured we should follow suit by leading the way in celebrations. With that in mind, we’re celebrating all year long. That’s right. ALL YEAR LONG.

To mark the occasion, we’re taking a look at some of the bigger “water cooler” topics that have been discussed during the course of the WNST era. We’re already eleven lists into the year, here’s a look back on them if you’ve missed any.

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Luke Jones begins a “residency” of sorts in terms of Sweet 16 honors, as he’ll have both this week’s list and next week’s compilation as well. This one sets up to be one of the more fun lists we’ll tackle all year.

We’re not far from the start of April (frightening, yes) and with the first of the month comes not only an upcoming schedule shift here at WNST but of course also April Fool’s Day.

We thought about making a list of local sports fools, but the connotation is certainly much more negative and doesn’t reflect the positive nature of the list we had hoped to create. Our list is meant to celebrate those who are silly-not necessarily foolish.

The topic this week is Sweet 16 “Local Sports Goofballs and Personalities”.

We’ve certainly been blessed to have quite a few of these types over the years in Charm City. Once again, I fear this is a race for #2-as I cannot fathom there being anyone on top of the list other than the incomparable Artie Donovan. But this is not “my” list, it belongs to the WNST community and will simply be posted by Luke.

Luke has expanded the criteria for this week’s list to include not only athletes but also coaches, front office personnel and even sports media types. Based on that criteria, I would imagine former Orioles skipper Earl Weaver and Charley Eckman (how would you even begin to describe Charley Eckman?) would also have to end up somewhere near the top of the list.

But who else needs to make the cut? Does Billy “F*ck Face” Ripken get a spot over Sopranos star and part time Ravens Super Bowl champion Tony Siragusa? Is there room on the list for former Loyola coach and Maryland assistant Jimmy Patsos-who was once so crazy he coached a game while sitting in the crowd? And let’s not forget that perhaps the greatest goofball in baseball history-Roger McDowell-pitched for the 1996 O’s team that would get back to the postseason for the first time since 1983.

There are probably hundreds of solid candidates to make Luke’s list, but he can only pick 16 from this incredibly broad field.

Luke wants your ideas. Leave them here in the comments or email him via We will be discussing the list throughout the day Monday on AM1570 We’d love to have you Tweet with us or discuss the topic via Facebook by using the hashtag #WNSTSweet16.

On Tuesday morning, Luke will unveil the “official” list here at and then discuss it with Drew Forrester on “The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction” at 8am. He will then re-visit the list at 4pm Tuesday with me on “The Reality Check Driven by Jerry’s Toyota Scion”.

Much like last week, stats won’t help Luke much in putting together this week’s list. Help remind him of some of the biggest “characters” in local sports history or weigh in on how those all of us remember should end up being ranked. Let your voice be heard!