#WNSTSweet16 remembers those who broke our hearts ahead of Valentine’s Day

February 09, 2014 | Glenn Clark

Perhaps you haven’t heard that we’re celebrating our 16th year as Baltimore’s sports media leader here at WNST. What’s that? You haven’t?

We’re celebrating our 16th year as Baltimore’s sports media leader here at WNST. To mark the occasion, we’re taking a look at some of the bigger “water cooler” topics that have been discussed during the course of the WNST era. We’re already five lists into the year, here’s a look back on them if you’ve missed any.

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In Week 6, our #WNSTSweet16 list is holiday-driven. Whether you enjoy Valentine’s Day or find it to be an event contrived by the greeting card industry, February 14 is a major event. Just ask your wife, girlfriend or both!

Drew Forrester makes the quick turnaround for this week’s Sweet 16 list, the #WNSTSweet16 local sports heartbreakers.

These heartbreakers can fall into one of two categories. The first category is local athletes/sportspeople who broke our hearts for one particular reason or another. Former Baltimore Ravens like Billy Cundiff and Lee Evans certainly come to mind when you think about this category, as does former Baltimore Orioles P Mike Mussina for leaving Charm City (even if-like me-you don’t fault him for the decision).

Former Orioles 1B Aubrey Huff may have broken your heart when he labeled Baltimore a “horse-sh*t town”. Former 1B Kevin Millar may have as well when he went on national TV and openly rooted for the Boston Red Sox despite playing for the Birds.

The second group of heartbreakers that comes to mind are the group of local sports opponents who found ways to break our hearts. Would-be Baltimore Colts QB John Elway would probably qualify as part of that list for forcing himself to the Denver Broncos. I’d almost bet money that Drew will remind us of a heartbreaker named Korie Lucious, who knocked down the buzzer beating jumper to lift Michigan State past Maryland in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

And we haven’t even mentioned the name Jeffrey Maier yet.

Who else?

Who hasn’t Drew thought of yet that would qualify as a “heartbreaker” in local sports history? Who was the thorn in the side of the Baltimore Bullets? Who always seemed to do in Johns Hopkins lacrosse?

We want your ideas. Leave them here in the comments or email him via drew@wnst.net. We will be discussing the list throughout the day Monday on AM1570 WNST.net. We’d love to have you Tweet with us or discuss the topic via Facebook by using the hashtag #WNSTSweet16.

On Tuesday morning, Drew will unveil his list here at WNST.net and will discuss it with Luke Jones on “The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction” at 8am. He will check back in at 4pm Tuesday with me on “The Reality Check Driven by Jerry’s Toyota Scion” to discuss the list further.

Who broke your heart most as a Baltimore sports fan? Let Drew know before he makes the list!