10-game sit-out – Part 2

June 18, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Here’s an addendum to my earlier blog about the 10-game sit-out I’m advocating.

Take the money you would spend for one home game – $20 for a decent ticket, $20 for food, $10 for parking (adds up to $50 to me) – and go to one of the neighboring restaurants that border the baseball stadium.  Those are the people who have truly suffered – along with you and I but in different ways – over this decade of despair.  Instead of attending a home game, take your money to one of those restaurants, ask for the manager or owner, and say, “I’m here tonight to help support YOU and your business since the baseball team hasn’t helped you over the last few years.”

Need suggestions?  Sure – The Wharf Rat, Edgars, anyplace in Federal Hill, all the little bars like Pickles, Sliders, etc. across the street from OPACY.  They’ve all seen their revenue dwindle in conjunction with the Orioles attendance drop-off.

Back with more later —