15 minutes until game-time…where is everyone?

April 24, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Maybe it’s going to be a late-arriving crowd.

I’m sitting in the Camden Yards press box and I’m here to tell you there aren’t 4,000 people here.


I sort of expected a nice crowd tonight.  After all, the O’s are red-hot and the weather is perfect for a baseball game.

Maybe 15,000 will show between now and 7:05 pm, but I’m telling you – this is looking like an 8,500-in-the-stands-kinda-night if I ever saw one.

I expected better.

Of course, WNST is probably to blame, right?

It IS a gorgeous night for baseball.  And I get to watch my favorite pitcher throw for the Birds…Erik Bedard.

But…I’ll leave around 9:00 pm or so and try to catch the last two periods (plus the almost-guaranteed-overtime period) of the Dallas-Vancouver Game 7 NHL playoff tilt.

BTW- Kinda cool to see “Oakland” on the A’s gray road jerseys.  I’m guessing they’re proud of the city in which they play.