21 Questions is back…but this time, you get to answer one too

February 23, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Another Wednesday edition of “21 Questions” has arrived.

That can only mean one thing.

It’s Wednesday.

And it also means that I don’t feel like authoring something about Carmelo Anthony going from Denver to the Knicks, which, frankly, I’m just not that interested in.  And it also means that I don’t feel like writing about the Daytona 500 and how a handful of people claim it was “great” to watch a bunch of guys stop-and-start over the last 20 miles before some kid who should still be flirting with girls at the Theta Chi fraternity party won the biggest race of the year.  And it also means that I don’t have to make an argument for a why I think the Orioles are going to win 82 games this season when I know in my heart of hearts they could still win 67 if things don’t go the right way.

Since I don’t feel like writing about any of that, we’ll go with the old standby, which I quite enjoy, actually.

21 Questions.

You ask, I answer.

Only this week, there’s a twist.  You’ll get BONUS points (and you know what that means) if you’ll answer a question from ME, while you’re asking me one.

You know how to play, right?  You ask me a question in the comment box below.  Ask me a question about anything. I answer it.  You come back later, read the answer, and say, “Hmmm…never thought of that.  Good answer, Drew.”

Today, though, you can also answer one of these four questions below if you’d like.  Just put your answer in with the question that you ask.

1. Should the Ravens try and bring Willis McGahee back in 2011 on a restructured contract or is it best to just let him move on to a new team?

2. The American League Cy Young race would appear to be wide open heading into spring training.  When the dust settles in October, who wins it?

3.  Why do you think Eminem didn’t win the Grammy for best album but some group named Arcade Fire – that you and I definitely never heard of – did?

4.  Glenn and I held a mock NBA draft on Tuesday morning with a new 10-team league. Glenn had first pick. He took Kobe Bryant.  I had 2nd pick, I took Kevin Durant.  If you had the first pick and could take any player in the league for your new expansion franchise, who would you take?

Have a great Wednesday.