A Breath of Fresh Air

August 27, 2009 |

Now, that’s a little bit more like it…

I don’t often laud The Sun, but I have to give them major kudos for printing the  story today about the atrocious baserunning we’ve had this year

I couldn’t help but chuckle reading the team’s responses, particularly those of Juan Samuel, who all but questioned weather or not many of this year’s crop of Orioles belong in the major leagues at all.

On the one hand, it was good that Dave Trembley accepted full responsibility for this debacle (as he rightly should), but then he couched it in rhetoric about improving communication and the like. True, he isn’t the one making the boneheaded mistakes out there, but the manager and the coaching staff, from every level of any organization you care to name, is ultimately responsible for teaching these basic baseball skills.

It is far easier to understand a guy like Felix Pie or some other rookie making mental errors when they first arrive (notice that I said understandable, not acceptable), than the mistakes being made by our more veteran players. Is it not concentrating? Is it lack of direction? Is it they simply “don’t have their head in the game” or that some simply don’t care? A combination of all of the above? Either way, come next year, whoever the manager and coaches are, they MUST find a way to correct this situation. A talent and money-rich team like the Yankees or Red Sox can afford a certain number of gaffes because they can simply wallop their way out of any corners in the long run. But a team like the O’s who have little to no margin for error to be successful for the forseeable future simply cannot afford to run into outs or give outs away.

Hopefully, an article like this may just cause the organization to wake up a little bit and get some fires under some collective gluteus maximi. It certainly couldn’t save this season, but it definitely could improve the overall picture going forward. However, my more cynical and sadly more realistic nature tells me that it might just get Samuel on the hot seat as much or moreso than Trembley, and come 2010 it just might be business as usual. We’ll see.