A message to Jim Hunter and Jim Palmer: Jeremy Guthrie is who we thought he was!!!

July 08, 2009 |

Normally I enjoy the play by play of Jim Hunter, Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne but last night they had me wanting to turn off the television.

I know that being a part of the flagship station the commentators have to call the game through orange colored classes and it usually never bothers me. Last night, however, was a different story.

Jeremy Guthrie pitched 2&1/3 laborious innings giving up a 3 run- homer to Franklin Gutierrez in the first inning. Guthrie’s struggles seemed to surprise Jim Palmer and Jim Hunter so much that any excuse short of Guthrie’s body being abducted by Rocky Coppinger would be unacceptable.

“Something has to be wrong, this isn’t the Jeremy Guthrie we are used to seeing” they kept saying. Jeremy Guthrie is 6-8 with a 5.45 ERA and has yielded 20 home runs on the season, so I don’t know what Jeremy Guthrie they were “used” to seeing, but he looked the same to me.

I understand what Palmer was saying about lack of movement and a some decrease in velocity, but lets not act like Jeremy Guthrie’s struggles were such a surprise.

Guthrie’s ERA of 2.25 after his second start was his lowest total of the season. After his next start his ERA sat at 4.32 and has not dipped below 4.80 since then. With monthly ERA’s of 5.20, 4.62, 5.76 and 6.43, Jeremy Guthrie looked more like the pitcher that he was Tuesday night in Seattle then the pitcher that Jim Palmer and Jim Hunter made him out to be.

Jeremy Guthrie “burst” onto the scene with a 7-5 record and since then- judging by his win/loss record- he has been a below average pitcher.

 Last season Guthrie was 10-12 with a respectable 3.64 ERA but those numbers hardly classify him as an elite pitcher in the league. He is not the “strikeout” pitcher that people make him out to be only recording 123 and 120 strikeouts in a combined 366 innings in 2007 and 2008.

Given the Orioles poor starting rotation before the season, I had no problem with Guthrie being labeled the “ace” of the staff but I wasn’t holding my breath expecting any more then a 12 win season. Guthrie has struggled all season and if his struggles last night were attributed to an injury, like Palmer so brazenly claimed, then I will give him a pass until he gets shelled in his next start.

So look at the stats Palmer and Hunter, the Jeremy Guthrie we saw Tuesday night was the Jeremy Guthrie that we are “used” to seeing.

I can’t wait to hear what adjectives they use to describe Rich Hill in his next start.


Where’s Denny Green when you need him?