A “reminder” to Orioles fans, The Orioles are the “home” team against the Red Sox

June 29, 2009 |

The Red Sox come to Camden Yards for a three game set which means only one thing: obnoxious Red Sox fans are likely to outnumber Orioles fans. Every time the Red Sox play in Baltimore 35,000+ Red Sox fans turn Camden Yards into “Fenway South” and create a virtual home field advantage for the Sox.

As a die hard O’s fan and season ticket holder it pains me to see opposing teams fans flood Camden Yards like it is their home stadium and it really sickens me to see a capacity crowd that has less then 10,000 Orioles fans.

I am begging every Orioles fan out there to don their orange and black and come out the best stadium in baseball and route for the home team. I understand everyone’s reasons for not going to the game, but I believe the Orioles will never turn the corner until the fans support them. Winning is nice but I believe the fans coming back first will lead to winning not vice versa.

I am only 25 years old and I never really got to truly experience what was known as the “true Orioles Magic” every time the Orioles played. Wild Bill Hagy and company would make life a living hell for the opposing team and  made sure that  road wins in Memorial Stadium were at a premium. Regardless of the Orioles record the town virtually stopped the night the Birds played and there was not a empty seat in the house. If Wild Bill Hagy saw a  46,000 capacity stadium like today that was dominated more than half by Red Sox fans he would likely roll over in his grave in disgust.

There is no denying that Peter Angelos has treated the fan base like crap for the last 12 seasons and I understand people not wanting to put money is his pocket. However,  this still is Baltimore’s team, and there should be a sense of civic pride in not wanting to let your stadium be filled with a family from North Carolina that claims they “have always liked the Red Sox” even though they were nowhere to be found prior to the Red Sox winning the World Series. Players like Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Nolan Reimold and Brad Bergesen have nothing to do with Orioles ineptitude of the past 11 seasons and deserve to play in front of crowd that supports them.

Not going to the game and letting Rex Sox fans fill the stadium still puts money in Peter Angelos’ pocket so I do not believe this “theory” hold any water. 46,000 people is 46,000 people regardless of which team they are supporting so if Angelos really only does care about money, he is making hand over fist every time the Red Sox come into town.

Opening Day of this year was one of the best atmospheres I have seen at Camden Yards as Orioles fans turned out in droves to support their team and make things hostile for the opposing team. This series against the Red Sox is sure to be a far cry from that.

So I am begging you Orioles fans, please keep this as Oriole Park at Camden Yards and don’t let it become “Fenway South”.

Not for Peter Angelos or any of the front office, but for Matt Wieters, for Adam Jones  who represent a fresh start and want nothing more then to bring back the “glory days” of Orioles baseball. But most importantly, do it  for fans like Wild Bill Hagy who bled orange and black.

This is Birdland, not “Red Sox nation” and for three games starting Monday, lets keep it that way!