Adam Jones sniping at the media…and you want me to be mad about that?

March 01, 2013 | Drew Forrester

As soon as Adam Jones started picking a fight with the media earlier this week, the e-mails started streaming in.

“Drew, I can’t believe you’re not going to take the bait on this one — he called you guys fools,” wrote Chip.

“What’s wrong, Drew, are your fingers broken?  Where’s the blog blasting Adam Jones?” Steve asked.

“You’re getting soft, Forrester!” chided regular e-mailer Nick.

No, no and no.

No, I’m not “taking the bait”.

No, my fingers aren’t broken.

No, I’m not getting soft.  (Although, honestly, I will admit that five years ago I probably would have written this on the day the piece came out instead of five days later.  So, hell, maybe I am getting soft.)

Anyway, if you missed it, Jones lashed out at the media and folks who make predictions in an interview with The Sun.  I’d link the work, but The Sun doesn’t do jack squat for WNST, so I’ll just let you go chase it if you’re that interested in reading the whole thing.

If you’d rather have the short version, it went like this:  “We made the media look like fools last year.  Why do they insist on making predictions before the season starts anyway?  They should just shut up and watch the games instead of making predictions before one game is played.”

Now, here’s where I’ll admit two things:  First, Jones is probably my favorite current Oriole.  Second, I was the guy in town who everyone thought was a fool when I wrote last March that the team would win 78 games in 2012.  I WAS a fool — because they won 93 games.

Back to Jones and his spouting-off session with Peter Schmuck.

I understand where Adam Jones is coming from.  Really, I do.

There’s nothing left for him to get pissed off about now that he’s been paid what he’s worth.  When major leaguers put up really good numbers and they still make $450,000 or $550,00 or – gasp! – $2.1 million, they get irritated as hell when they look around the locker room and see some stiffs who used-to-be-good making $7.4 million.

Jones was probably one of those guys in spring training every year.  He’d look around and see some bums collecting major league paychecks with minor league effort and say, “That’s a damn joke.”

But that ended last summer when he signed that $85 million deal.

He can’t be mad about money anymore.

So, now, he turns his attention to something else to fuel his fire for the next couple of weeks while he prepares for his first season as the team’s “franchise player”.

He focuses on the media and their silly predictions.

Adam, of course, is smart enough to know that “predictions” are as much a part of sports as bad calls, TV commercials and post-game interviews.

“Hey, Drew, who’s gonna win The Masters next month?”  Obviously, I don’t KNOW who the winner will be.  If I knew, I’d bet it and win a couple hundred grand.  But I THINK the winner will be Matt Kuchar.  So, when people ask me who I think will win, I tell them Kuchar.

It’s a prediction.

Nothing more.

It’s an educated one, of course.  I actually think I know what I’m talking about.  Last April before the 2012 Masters event teed off, I picked Louis Oosthuizen and if not for one of the luckiest shots in the history of golf by Bubba Watson on the first playoff hole, I would have been right.

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