Adam Jones sniping at the media…and you want me to be mad about that?

March 01, 2013 | Drew Forrester

So, when Jones starts chirping and moaning about baseball media members making predictions, he’s just trying to stir the pot a little bit because that’s what baseball players do to keep themselves occupied during the lazy days of spring training.

I get it.

Believe me, I get it.

Adam Jones has the right to question the media and take a poke or two at them in the same way my job allows me to take a swipe at Jones for his 2-for-23 post-season performance last October against the Yankees.

Hell, Adam, Journey had more hits on the “Escape” album.

Lew Ford had as many RBI as @SimplyAJ10 did against the Rangers and Yankees.

But I won’t bring that up.


So, yes, Jones was probably a tad out of line barking at the media for something so stupid as “making predictions”.

But, I get it.

He’s bored.  He’s the new team leader because he makes the most money.  Someone has to stir the pot and create the “us against the them” theme.

Snapping at the national and local media for calling the Orioles “lucky” and making predictions gets him some points with the rest of the boys in the locker room.  “Hey, did you see me take a dump on the media, boys?”…”I did that for all of you.”

I understand.

I’d rather Jones just get a hit or two in the playoffs.  I’d prefer he concentrate on having more RBI than Lew Ford over six games. That’s what he’s paid to do, remember.  Lew Ford makes $9.50 an hour.  Adam Jones makes $10 million a year.  If Ford equals the output of Jones, something’s wrong.  Either Ford doesn’t make enough money or Jones makes too much.  But either way, in the same way I’m allowed to make a prediction (because that’s my job), I’m allowed to poke at Jones for failing to appear in the post-season last October.

Reggie Jackson was known as “Mr. October” because of his post-season production.

Jones, thus far, is known as “Mr. 0-for-4-tober”.

But…I still like the guy.  I like his attitude.  I like the way he plays.  I’m an Adam Jones fan.

Oh, one more thing.

I think Jones is going to hit 38 home runs in 2013 and put up a .308 batting average with 112 RBI.

How’s that for a prediction, AJ?

Now, it’s your job to make me look smart.

Please do…

(EDIT: Honestly, for the record, I predicted last week on the air that my guess is Jones will have a “down year” in 2013…but what the hell do I know?)