After 14 losing seasons, the Orioles have hit rock bottom

July 14, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

Look at Adam Jones. He was acquired prior to 2008 to be one of the faces of the new generation of Orioles baseball. Finally, he is becoming the complete player that we all hoped he one day would be, but now he only has two more seasons under Orioles’ control. Then what? The young, cheap talented player is getting older and much more expensive at the same time.

Luke Scott reached his peak as an Oriole, and now is on the downswing..all for what? 100 losses? Same with Jeremy Guthrie. What did he ever contribute to in Baltimore besides being the “ace” on a horrible team?

I’m not trying to bash these players. Luke Scott and Jeremy Guthrie both could be solid pieces on a contending team. But Andy MacPhail went all-in with this current core, and he held on to guys like Scott and Guthrie longer than he should have because he saw this core coming together to compete for championships.

That hasn’t happened. Period. Now what? Do you clean house again and do another, more dramatic full-scale rebuild? At that point, the O’s would be looking at 17 or 18 straight losing seasons.

This is rock bottom. There’s no other way to say it. Unlike the previous years, there is no way out of this mess. If this current core cannot compete for championships, and anyone can see by turning on their television at 7PM every night that this team is far from competing for anything close to championships, then this franchise is legitimately screwed.

Actually, take out the “if” and “then.”

The Baltimore Orioles are legitimately screwed. They have hit rock bottom in the sense that the light at the end of the tunnel is dimmer than ever.

Barring an unlikely but not impossible reversal of fortunes from many of the young players who are dramatically under-performing, there is no way out of this mess for the Birds.

No way out. There’s nobody to hear the screams from the pit.

Rock. Bottom.