After opening sweep by first-place Orioles, let me have my fun

April 04, 2011 | Ryan Chell

After Sunday’s 5-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays to complete the Opening series sweep by the Orioles, I began to see the excitement and enthusiasm reach all over the various forms of social media in celebration of a 3-0 start by the hometown O’s.

Baltimore became one of four teams in the majors to remain undefeated on the season, and they were the only team to achieve that mark on the road.

And combined with the Yankees 10-7 loss to the Tigers on Sunday, the Orioles remain in first place in the AL East.

But of course, several of my friends on Facebook-and one of them particular who is a Redskins and Pirates fan( I don’t see the connection either), left this little status on his homepage:

“Guess the Orioles are going to win the World Series.. just like the Ravens were going to win the Super Bowl. Get a grip.”

I took offense to this from the start. Not only was he knocking Ravens fans excitement about a team that has reached the playoffs the last three seasons( and I’m sure he’d be in the same position should the Skins start 3-0-which by the way is “laughable”), but I mainly took offense to the comment due to the fact that frankly-we Oriole fans haven’t had a lot to be excited about lately.

There haven’t been a lot of times over the last 14 years where the Orioles have been in first place.

And if they have been, it’s been around this time. In April.

So, shouldn’t we be allowed to have fun? Don’t we have an excuse to be excited?

The Orioles swept the AL East champs from a year ago with just one home run in the series, terrific defense from the corner outfielders Nick Markakis and Felix Pie, and three phenomenal pitching performances-two of them coming from rookies Chris Tillman (six no-hit innings) and Zach Britton (6IP, ER 6K in his first ever start).

Zach Britton

And albeit coming from a Skins and Pirates fan-the only team in the majors with a losing streak and playoff deficit worse than Baltimore-wouldn’t he understand how painful it is to NOT see your team atop the standings and have that excitement surround the ballclub?

Now I see his point-I think a lot of “bandwagon” Oriole fans have the money ready to buy the playoff tickets, but let’s be reasonable here.

It’s three games.

I’m excited-and I should have reason to be-but let’s wait a little bit before we get to that point.

If the Orioles play, pitch, and field the way they did against the Rays (who by the way look like they have already fell off the train-tracks), it’s going to be exciting for them to watch and I think they’ll be competitive even after April and May has past.

It looks like the winds could be changing with this team,and we’ve seen it before in the past when a team combined with young potential talent and seasoned veterans blends together-how they can sound, fundamental baseball and

And if they do, please don’t give me crap for rooting them on. We haven’t had much to look forward to over the last dozen years.

Let me have my fun.


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