All-Star Paradox

July 15, 2012 | Terrence Nelson

I wish there was a way to romanticize this or poeticize my point but Tuesday nights MLB All-Star game was a total dud.  Even devout baseball fans could not bear watching the entire game, most losing interest during the middle innings.  Unlike other all-star games the MLB All-Star game lacked fan fare, luster and excitement.  Every season baseball fans debate the reason for the mundane nature of the all-star game.  The reason that baseball’s all-star game lacks excitement is because it’s actually a real game.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of the MLB ALL-Star game but I do respect the fact that it is closer to reality than any other all-star game.  Realistically, an 8-0 MLB score is more likely than a 59-41 NFL score (Pro Bowl), a 152-149 NBA score (NBA All-Star game) or a 12-9 NHL score (NHL All-Star game).  Fans love/hate relationship with the MLB All-Star game is quite a paradox.  Sports fans hate other all-star games because they aren’t real games, but hate the MLB All-Star game because it is a real game.

As fans there are two choices in regards to the MLB All-Star game mentally chuck it or be engaged, but you have to respect it.  Is it too long…yes, Are there players that don’t deserve to be there…yes, Is it a popularity contest….yes, Has anyone actually watched the WHOLE game over the last 5 years….probably not.  But it is still as close to having all-stars play real a game as we are going to get.   So PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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