An open letter to the New York Yankees — It’s over, guys. O-V-E-R…

September 06, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I should stop for a second or two and bring a little bit of niceness to this obituary, since I am known around town as “Doctor Fair”.  So I’ll cease with the thrashing and give you some truth.

In all honesty, we in Baltimore have been extremely envious of what you, the Yankees franchise, have been able to accomplish over the last 15 years.  While our organization sunk to the lowest of lows, the Yankees were busy putting together winning teams that made their city proud.  I’m not afraid to admit the truth.  We don’t like you guys because we’re jealous of what you have been over the years…winners.

You took the one legitimate hometown-boy-made-good from us in 2009 when you signed Mark Teixeira.  That would have caused a fistfight had it not been for the fact that most of the fans in Baltimore who actually cared about the Orioles had given up on them a year or two earlier.

I’m not at all shy about admitting how jealous we are of the Yankees organization.  Hell, the Orioles were so willing to embrace the heritage of the Bronx Bombers that they started selling Yankees merchandise IN BALTIMORE three or four years ago.  Anything to make a buck, I guess, even when it digs at the pride of the few remaining fans in town who still care about the Orioles.

So it’s safe to say we’re just a tad bit envious of all the winning, all the fans you’ve stuffed into OUR ballpark and the way you’ve rubbed our noses in it.

That, however, has come to an end in 2012, as shocking as it is.

The Yankees are on the verge of a Red Sox-like collapse.  Dead?  Not yet.  On life support?  You bet your ass.

Let me write this to prove to myself it’s real:  The Orioles – I might break out in hives – are better than the Yankees.  I’m sure you can’t believe it either.  A team with A-Rod, Jeter, Cano, Granderson, Swisher and C.C. should NEVER lose – regularly – to a roster of misfits like the one we’ve employed in 2012.  When you’re getting your hat handed to you by Nate McLouth and Robert Andino and Chris Davis, you’re in big trouble.

I understand how a lot of this has happened with the Yankees.  Injuries to very good players have wrecked your club in 2012.  With the Gardner’s and A-Rod’s and Rivera’s and Sabathia’s and Teixeira’s available for all six months of the season, I’m man enough to admit that New York would be well ahead in the A.L. East.  But it didn’t work out that way — and that’s a doggone shame (I’m giggling here…).

But when you’re old (like the Yankees) and spending gobs of money on 7 players and paying minimum wage to the other 18 (like the Yankees) and you think you should just win because history says you should (like the Yankees) — you’re eligible for this kind of downfall.

Enough with the Mr. Nice Guy act.

Now…back to the bashing.

No offense, but we’re thrilled to see you guys collapse like this.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of men, except of course, your friends in Boston who perfected the September collapse a year ago and have wobbled most of the 2012 season while sniffing around last place since May.

Here’s a quick joke that should be making the rounds by next Monday morning in Baltimore.  “Knock, knock.”  “Who’s there?” “Not the Yankees…or the Red Sox.”

To have both the Yankees and Red Sox go south in the same season is almost as funny as watching Ike Taylor try to catch up with the Broncos wide receiver in that side-splitting Steelers overtime playoff loss last January.

We, the fans of Orioles baseball, are going to enjoy these next four days, trust me.  The stadium will be packed and, believe it or not, there will be more orange in the place than dark blue.  In the past, the Yankees buzzed into town late in the season and entertained their fans – in OUR stadium – en route to another playoff berth.  You guys hit home runs and trotted around the bases in a lumbering style that would have made Babe Ruth yell “HURRY UP!”.  You threw at our batters who were merely trying to get through the season without getting hurt so they could head off to off-season-parts-unknown to polish up their golf game.  You laughed at us from your comfy spot in the visiting dugout as you ran off 5-run innings and 13-4 wins.  We saw all of it, believe me.  We saw the giggles and the snickers and the high-fives at the plate that had a little more emphasis to them that they should have given the fact that you were running up the score on us.

If I seem a tad over-the-top about all of this, it’s because I am.

We’re sick of watching the Yankees win and the Orioles lose.

But that has officially changed, as of tonight at Camden Yards when Game One of the September Beatdown commences.

Ding, Dong, the witch is dead.

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  1. Calvin @ JHH Says:

    Wow, Drew. Great Blog!

  2. bill Says:

    No one cares what you think about the Orioles, Drew. Go get yourself a diet soda and head to the driving range to work on your awful golf game. You’re the worst sports guy in Baltimore. Actually, you’re the worst in the country. (DF: Well, at least you didn’t say I was the worst sports guy in the WORLD…I think that would have really hurt my feelings.)

  3. Will Says:

    Haha Bill says the same thing everyday…smh. Solid read Drew!

  4. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Bill, get some new material you are getting old real fast, same crap every day. Nice blog, Drew.

  5. BelAirSteve Says:

    Yeah, next thing you know, Bill will start asking to bring back Youpon!

  6. waspman Says:

    This might have been a more enjoyable read if the O’s hadn’t lost to down-and-out Toronto while the RIP Yanquis were beating the recent perennial contenders from Tampa (which, oh by the way) are, ummm, contending. And, oh by the way, yesterday made us one game under the team supposely six feet under.

    While 82 wins is no longer the goal despite it exceeding my 72-win prediction, and it would surely be nice to see a $200-250B payroll playing golf in October like losers do, the timing of this blog entry doesn’t exactly represent Baltimore with any class — kind of like Kegasus at the Preakness.

    Meanwhile in New York, there was an eventful day at a sporting event called the US Open. There was not one link to anything about any of those stories on Crabs and Beer. (DF: Who cares what you think…you are a Yankees fan I’m guessing. LOL about “classy”…those New Yorkers are a classy bunch. Enjoy the collapse Doc.)

  7. John Says:

    Great write up Drew! I’m ready for tonight!

  8. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    Anyone want to say “Why Not” the 2012 version.

    Go Birds!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    Drew, I really hope you don’t have to eat your own column after this weekend. Great to Yankees bash but words like this will only draw the fire from Yankees. Their reply might burn down Camden Yards. (DF: Oh, right…the Yankees are suddenly going to start trying harder because of me. Give me a break, bro…)

  10. tsnamm Says:

    Well Drew it looks like Adam Jones bailed out Pedro Strop, who seems to be morphing into Armando Benitez before our eyes…Buck should have pulled him after he couldn’t find the strike zone with a GPS unit, and walked in a run.When you see performances like this happen in games that are for all the marbles, you realize how young this team is and how valuable experience is. Luckily Girardi keeps on sticking with Robertson too…

  11. Art Lawrence Says:

    maybe this is a good time to post the videos from the Free the Birds vigil you hosted on opending day in April. Their sucess has to be directly linked to that event. (DF: That’s a great idea! Let me go to the archives and dig it out. It’s probably right near the video of my trying to get the Orioles to put “BALTIMORE” back on the road jerseys for three years before they finally caved in and did it.)

  12. NC Orioles Fan Says:

    Drew, see I told ya you might want to be cautious with your words had not Pedro Strop almost blown the game. Them Yanks do have ways to come back.

    Laat night’s was the most exciting game to eatch since the last game of last season when the Bords knocked the Redsox out of the playoffs, the Rays beat the Yanks after staging a 7-runs comeback then the Cardinals beat the Braves, all in span of 44 minutes thanks to live television.

    So after the Orioles staged their own comeback, I pulled a Natty Boh (OPCY anniversary can) and cheered the Birds win. BTW, Natty Boh is made here in North Carolina. In Eden by Pabst Brewery Co near the VA line.

    One down, three to go. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!

    (DF: Yeah, you told me I should be cautious with my words. Guess what? I didn’t listen. Thanks…)

  13. tsnamm Says:

    Chen pitching batting practice tonight…gonna need to put a stake thru the Yankee’s heart first…which means NO sloppy pitching…BTW amazing how Yankee fans always get mixed up in interference of HR’s. (DF: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but that wasn’t interference. The ball missed McLouth’s glove and hit the back of the wall. Too bad it didn’t bounce up and hit the Yankees fan in the head.)

  14. tsnamm Says:

    Strop is obviously completely intimidated by the Yankees…he nibbles, and goes to 3-2 constantly…if we make it to the playoffs and see them again Strop will either need to get his sh** together or Buck can’t use him in any meaningful games…Strop cost us a game in NY, nearly cost us the 1st game here, and has now put us in the hole again…its a huge difference when you pitch in meaningless games as a last place team, and when you pitch in important games in Sep. or Oct…Pedro doesn’t have it.

  15. NYY Says:

    guess we’ll look for the retraction in the back of the nst newsletter. click, click, click.

  16. Nick Says:

    Guess the house that was supposed to crush the Wicked Witch of the East wasn’t heavy enough…

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