Are O’s REALLY playing? Or just playin’?

December 17, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Soon enough, the O’s are going to have to move from the $5 poker table to the $25 table.

The cost of playing poker is going to increase in the next 24 hours and the Mark Teixeira auction is going to get really interesting.

Anyone out there notice one team (or not, in this case) who hasn’t yet played in the Tex poker game?

The New York Yankees.

Hence, the $5 game turns into a $25 game when they show up.

And they’re GOING to show up.  I bet by late tomorrow afternoon, word somehow magically leaks out that the Yankees have “made an offer” for Tex.

Surprise, surprise.

Then, we’ll see who the big boy poker players are…

We know Boston likes the big dollar games.  We know the Yankees do too.

Will the O’s stick around?  How about the Nats? 

Speaking of word “leaking out” – it’s starting to appear as if the O’s made one introductory offer to Teixeira in Las Vegas and haven’t played a hand in Tex-poker since then.  One baseball exec said to me today, “7 for $125 million sounds Orioles’ish – not nearly enough to really get the guy, but at least enough to warrant a return call from Boras in a week and placate the fans for a while”.

Yesterday, an O’s source told me the team felt very comfortable with their standing in the Tex-race and the club sensed they were in good position to earn his services.  Late last night, someone in the know said the team felt their offer was in line with the others who are in on the bidding.

Maybe that’s right.  Maybe the O’s are serious contenders still. 

Buster Olney of ESPN is reporting that the Orioles have fallen behind the other teams because they’re not involved in the offer/counter offer game.

Well, if they’ve only made ONE offer to Tex while the other teams have trumped the O’s offer and thrown two or three of their own into the fire, then the O’s have once again failed to step up and play the game the right way.

If this thing goes south and he winds up in Boston, Washington, New York or L.A. and we all come to find that the O’s made “one offer” and didn’t really aggressively negotiate with him, all hell’s gonna break loose. Even the 2,903 people who still bleed orange and black will have to deem that attempt to be weak and almost dishonest, given the once-in-a-lifetime opportuntity to land Teixeira in his prime.

I have a weird feeling the Yankees are about to get involved.

I’d almost bet on it.

And that’s all Scott Boras needs.  ANOTHER player at the poker table with a wad full of money and an endless supply of time and energy to stay there until they win.

For their sake, I hope the O’s are playing this game for real. 

If we find out they weren’t really serious, they’re gonna get blistered by the fan base.