B-Rob praying for White Sox trade

January 03, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I guess if you can’t get the guy from Mount St. Joe who can play and put people in the seats, you should at least still get someone from Mount St. Joe.

The Orioles are evidently considering a trade that would send the organization’s best employee, Brian Roberts, to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for Baltimore native Gavin Floyd, a 5-year major league veteran with a 4.98 career ERA.  A year in Chicago, he had his best season ever, going 17-8 with a 3.84 ERA.  

Floyd, like Teixeira, attended Mount St. Joe before being drafted by the Phillies.

I also assume, much like Tex, that Floyd grew up following the Orioles and enjoyed the thought of perhaps one day playing for the hometown team.

That is, until they started losing 90 games a year and lost 70% of their fan base over a half-dozen years.

As for Roberts, the way his career has unfolded here is nothing short of a bad movie.  

Eight years in the big leagues and Brian Roberts has never, ever, ever – not once – played a meaningful baseball game with the Orioles.  He has put that jersey on 976 times in his career and none of the games have ever really mattered.  Such is the life when you play for the Orioles in the 21st century, I guess.

In the end, though, Floyd would help the Orioles.  They have no real starting pitcher right now with the exception of Jeremy Guthrie and for all the talk and rhetoric about how great “Guts” is – might I remind you he has exactly 17 more wins in the big leagues than you, me and my Aunt Betty.

In fact, there’s probably an argument that Floyd would be the team’s #1 starter if the deal is made.  Or, at the very least, he’ll compete for that spot in spring training.  Don’t forget, we also have Mark Hendrickson in the fold now.  He’ll be good for a 5.00 ERA and a bunch of balls into Boog’s BBQ in ’09.

As for Roberts, he’s now nothing more than a rented mule.  The harvest is over with and it’s time for the farm owner to make a decision.  “Do I keep him around for another year until the corn grows again or do I just ship him off somewhere and start fresh with another mule next year?”

In a decade of darkness, Brian Roberts has been the O’s brightest light.  He’s been superb ON the field and active and heart-warming OFF the field.  Of the 12,000 or so who still manage to convince themselves to attend home games at OPACY, many of them have been attached to the team in some small way due to Roberts.  He’s the only guy on the current roster worthy of working for the Ravens.  That’s how much he “gets it.”

But, at age 31 now, Brian Roberts is also realizing that it’s one thing to play in the major leagues and reap the benefits of that stardom.  It’s another to play for a team that tries to win.

You can bet everything you own that Roberts is at church right now, praying that the deal sending him to Chicago gets done.

They’ve probably given him the key to the church and said, “Let yourself out when you’re finished talking to God, B-Rob.”  That’s how much time he’s spending there this off-season.

So, the Orioles are evidently considering a trade that would send their best asset to another organization.

Somehow, that’s fitting.

Why hold on to the one or two gems you have and treat them right, now, when you’ve never done it before?