Bachman Overdrive: Baines turns 50; Mariners a pleasant surprise

March 15, 2010 |

Happy birthday wishes to former Oriole Harold Baines, who turns 50 today. Harold was one of the better hitters I ever saw in person in terms of putting the bat on the ball. He collected nearly 2,900 hits and 400 home runs over his career. He was the quiet professional, and I enjoyed watching Harold play here in Baltimore. Where does the time go?

Being a fan of sports in general, I am always willing to give anything a shot. But I have to be honest. Because we have the NFL here in Baltimore, indoor football wasn’t high on my list.

Yesterday I got together with a few friends, and we headed downtown to see the Baltimore Mariners’ home opener. My expectations weren’t very huge. I mean, with all due respect, this couldn’t compare to the NFL.

After watching the first quarter, I realized that it wasn’t fair to compare indoor football (the Mariners play in the American Indoor Football Association) to the NFL because they are two completely different games. There was passing, passing and more passing. Want scoring? The Mariners scored 51 points in the first half. There was hard hitting. A player planted an opponent through the padded wall along the sidelines and knocked down the wall. On another play, a player ended up over the wall and went into the stands. When the ball goes into the crowd, you keep it. I don’t know about you, but the kid in me is going to catch one before the season ends.

Looking at the schedule, I see that the Mariners’ regular season goes until the end of June. With the playoffs, that will take us right up to the start of Ravens’ training camp. Check out the Mariners at their website,

I am guessing that there were around 2,500 people at the game. I saw a ton of purple, and the Ravens Roosts were well represented. Spend eight bucks, buy a ticket, and I promise you that you will have a good time. I am already gathering the troops for this Sunday’s game. Did someone say tailgating?

What is your opinion on indoor football? Did you go to the Mariners’ game on Sunday, or are you planning to see them this season? Tell me what you think below in the comments section & listen to the “Rex & Ray Show” weekday afternoons from 2-6 pm.