Bedard no-hitter tonight?

July 25, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Not that I need anything “new” to bet on in baseball – isn’t the Money Line, the totals and the spread enough? – but I would absolutely put down $100 in cash tonight that says Erik Bedard throws a no-hitter against the Devil Rays.  Now, before you rush to your e-mail to take me up on the wager, understand that I need odds of 10,000 to 1.  But if you’re bonded and you can prove you have the million bucks to pay up in the event E.B. throws a no-no, I’ll send you $100 via PayPal right now.

The Devil Rays have quit.  Did you see them last night?  Oh my…two hits, a bunch of lifeless swings and very little energy at the plate or in the field.  Aerosmith had more hits on “Get Your Wings” than the Devil Rays have had in their last three games.

Oddly, Tampa Bay has a bunch of really good players.  Or at least potentially good players.  Casey and I were just sitting here in the press box talking about Iwamura, the 3rd baseman…I’ll take him on the O’s in a heartbeat.  Carl Crawford?  Take him too.  Brendan Harris, their young shortstop?  Worth taking too.  I’d even pluck Carlos Pena away from the Devil Rays if he were made available.  Did I mention B.J. Upton?  Wow – they have some good YOUNG players. 

But something has happened down there.  L-O-S-I-N-G.  And it’s evidently contagious.  Every guy on that roster goes into virtually each game knowing there’s a really good chance they’re not going to win (tonight).  It must be tough. 

So, by the looks of last night’s woeful effort, I’d say the Devil Rays are primed to get no-hit by Bedard tonight.  He’s certainly on form and the Rays…well, if they go 4 or 5 innings tonight without a hit, they might just pack it in for the last hour of the game and get a head start on tonight’s post-game fun at Granite.

Anyone want to put up a million to my $100 that says Bedard throws a no-hitter tonight?  Hurry…you only have 90 minutes to place your bet.

By the way, since I’ve now officially jinxed Bedard, I’ll think I’ll throw a REAL $100 on the Rays and the “over” tonight.  lol

“Reporting live from the Camden Yards press box, where I’m disguised as Johnny Resnick of The Goo Goo Dolls so I don’t get kicked out…”