Before new champions crowned, our #WNSTSweet16 recognizes those who never were

January 26, 2014 | Glenn Clark

It’s time for our fourth installment of our #WNSTSweet16 topics in 2014. If you missed the first three, here’s a look back.

In Week 1, I took on the greatest debuts in local sports history. In Week 2, Luke Jones tackled the greatest playoff moments in local sports history. In Week 3, Nestor Aparicio handled the local sports people who “had a dream” in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

We’ve had great discussion about all of these topics thus far and we’re looking forward to continuing the conversation every week throughout the year. As you may already know, we’re celebrating our 16th year of being Charm City’s sports media leader here at WNST. We’re taking those “water cooler” topics that we’ve discussed throughout the history of the company and attempting to make “definitive” lists with your help.

Drew Forrester gets his first crack at a #WNSTSweet16 list this week. You’ll be listening to our coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII live from Radio Row in New York all week. The NFL will crown a champion Sunday in New Jersey when the Denver Broncos face the Seattle Seahawks in New Jersey. A number of players will become NFL champions for the first time, some having significant careers to this point without winning one.

Champ Bailey of course stands out from that group, a future Hall of Famer who has yet to even play for a title. Wes Welker has been there but has yet to win one. Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin are extremely high level players with five or more years of experience looking for their first titles as well.

So this week’s #WNSTSweet16 honors those who have played for some time and are still looking for their first championship. The topic is “Sweet 16 Local Athletes Who Deserved to Win a Championship But Didn’t”.

It’s going to take you a minute or two to think about I’m sure. I’ll give you a few to chew on.

The first modern names that jumped out at me were Baltimore Ravens Derrick Mason, Todd Heap and Kelly Gregg. All were very good football players, good citizens and good examples for the organization. Mason and Heap would definitely be in the Top 5 offensive players in franchise history, Gregg perhaps one of the more under-appreciated players in franchise history.

Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis probably jump out most in recent Baltimore Orioles history, but Melvin Mora would have to be on my list as well. He was the only then-current Oriole to attend Elrod Hendricks’ funeral and represented a garbage organization with dignity. He deserved better.

Some of the older names that came to mind for me included former Baltimore Colts DL Joe Ehrmann (what a stunning example of class) and quarterback Bert Jones. Len Bias was perhaps the greatest player in Maryland basketball history but played in an era that made it much more difficult to reach the NCAA Tournament and win a title.

Who are the athletes Drew might not have thought of? Which athletes deserve to be higher on the list than others? Let us know here in the comments or via You can discuss your thoughts via social media for the next couple of days using the hashtag #WNSTSweet16 on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be discussing on-air from The Big Apple throughout the day Monday on AM1570

Drew will unveil his list here at Tuesday morning and he and Luke will break it down at 8am Tuesday on “The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction”. Drew will then stop back by Tuesday afternoon at 4pm to discuss the list with me on “The Reality Check Driven by Jerry’s Toyota Scion”.

Who are your local athletes that deserved to win a title and didn’t?