Better than the Monday paper: I love hearing Buck talk, but wins must follow

January 31, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Words, challenges and wishful pre-season plans of “taking care of our business”.

I like the talk, actually.

Without question, it’s better to hear Buck Showalter play the tough-guy role than to hear Dave Trembley mumble something about the team giving it everything they had and other funny post-game chatter like “it’s always fun to play in a good, competitive baseball game like the one (we lost) tonight.”

Showalter talks the talk, for sure.

And I like it.

But all of that talk won’t mean squat if he can’t get his 25 players to perform in 2011.  We can’t have another last place summer of dread.

That’s why words and challenges don’t mean much.  After 13 years of losing here in Baltimore, I hope Buck understands that we all just can’t blindly buy his yapping…hook, line and sinker.

We want to, for sure.

But we can’t.

Too many scars.  Too many burn marks.  Too many unfulfilled promises.

Too much losing.

I’m not sure if the announced FanFest crowd on Saturday (reportedly 2,000 LESS than a year ago) had anything to do with the asinine “adult autograph policy” or the fact that for some strange reason, the Orioles and the Special Olympics (Polar Bear Plunge) decided to both plan significant community events on the same day.

I don’t know why Saturday’s FanFest crowd was off by 15% or so.

But I do know this, because – as a diehard myself – I was there.  The folks who managed to make their way down to the Convention Center on Saturday were overflowing with confidence in Showalter and the team in general.  Count me among those who think this Orioles team will finally escape the American League East basement and threaten a .500 record or better in 2011.  Call me nuts if you want, but that’s what I think.  I know a lot of the diehards ( …continued)