Better than the Monday paper: Ravens draw line in the sand

January 24, 2011 | Drew Forrester

competitive and contend for the post-season.  If you’re lucky enough to be the one team standing at the end of the season, you’re lucky enough.  There’s only one.

What the Ravens did last Thursday was remind everyone that your expectations have to be fair, realistic and, perhaps, even somewhat tempered on a week to week basis.  The team itself can’t say that, of course, because they have to treat every game as a “new opportunity”, but winning in the NFL isn’t easy.  Just ask the Panthers.

When Steve Bisciotti talked about the team’s reluctance to sacrifice someone “for the sake of the fans”, it was a telling statement of sorts because it offered a stark reminder to the faithful that you DON’T own the team, even though you pay the freight for the players and coaches.

And if you can’t wrap your head around that concept — that you’re the reason the team exists but you don’t actually call the shots — than you should just put your PSL’s up for sale because that’s never going to change.

On the flip side, I’ll offer a defense for the fans.

What the fans did last week when they blew a fuse over the Cam Cameron issue was remind the Ravens that the people who go to the games aren’t just there to drink beer and revel in the Ray Lewis dance.  Some in attendance are actually there to study the game and the team they underwrite.

Fact:  Fans (me included) don’t know nearly as much about the X’s and O’s as they think they do.

Fact:  Fans know more than they’re given credit for.

There’s an in-between somewhere that everyone has to come to terms with, but it’s easier said than done.

The fans have to accept the obvious: the game is won or lost by EVERYONE.  Cam Cameron didn’t lose that game in Pittsburgh.  Cam Cameron isn’t the reason