Biggest comeback in O’s history could lead to magical summer

July 01, 2009 |

The Orioles finished the month of June with a team record 9 run comeback to defeat the Red Sox and now stand at 35-42 on the season. The Orioles ended June with a  12-14 record but have fans wondering if this victory will be the spring board to the .500 mark.

In the last 11 years during the summer in Baltimore there have been two constants: extremely hot weather, and horrible baseball. The 2009 Orioles are trying to making this constant an inconsistency and their comeback against the Red Sox could just be the catalyst for an exciting summer.

Earlier this month I wrote a blog about how June 2009 might just be the most important month in the history of the franchise and I believe the final game of June will keep the fans interested and believing this team has turned the corner.

It is only one game, but there feels like a major difference between finishing a month 12-14 and finishing a month 11-15. Neither record is a winning record, that one game could make a big difference in the long run.

Baseball is a game of momentum and streaks, and for 8 innings it looked the only streak the Orioles would be extending was their winnless streak against the Red Sox this season, however, the late inning magic they provided could lead to  a totally different type of streak.

By no means are the Orioles going to streak their way all the way to a playoff spot but they showed the Red Sox, and the rest of the AL East, that they will not be pushed around. And that is something we haven’t said this late in the season in since 1997.

This team has been on a roller coaster ride all season but looks like they will be streaking into the All- Star break as opposed to their traditional limping in.

Come July and August fans in Baltimore may actually be thinking about baseball as opposed to which no name wide receiver in training camp dropped a pas.If that is the case the Orioles have come a long way.

Maybe, for the first time in 11 years, fans won’t refer to June, July and August as the “dog days” but the months when the Orioles “re- arrived” on the Baltimore Sports landscape.

As the song says, “something Magic happens, every time you go”, now hopefully that magic translates into summer relevance for the Orange and Black