Birds win streak ends but don’t give up on them just yet

June 23, 2009 |

The weather in Miami was hot and so were Orioles as they took their five game winning streak to Landshark Stadium to battle the Marlins. The host Marlins halted the Orioles win streak at five with a 7-6 win in 12 innings. The Orioles may have lost, but it wasn’t due to a lack of trying.

After Hanley Ramirez’s 7th inning grand slam to make the score 6-1 Marlins, it looked like the Orioles were dead and buried, however, that was not the case.

Matt Wieters hit a solo home run in the 8th inning to cut the Marlins lead to four and the Orioles scored another run in the 8th to head into the 9th three runs behind, but you just had a feeling something would happen.

The Orioles once again showed the heart and desire that they had showed throughout the five game winning streak and scored three runs in the 9th inning of the Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom.

After failing to get the clutch hit and some base running blunders in extra innings the Orioles let the game slip away eventually losing on a Jorge Cantu base hit.

There is no such thing as a “good” loss but Orioles fans should be proud of the way this team played and not be too upset about the loss.

With the Marlins and Nationals coming up the Orioles have a golden chance to get close the .500 mark and I believe that they will win at least four of the next five games. Even in defeat, I believe this team and franchise has turned the corner and I think they will reach the .500 mark by season’s end.

Over the last six games the Orioles have shown the ability to battle back and have won five of the six,  which says that despite their record, the Orioles have not “mailed it in”. The past five games might have made me the proudest I have been to be an Orioles fan in the last 12 seasons and tonight’s result will doing nothing to change that.

While I am proud of the way played, fans will only pay attention to this team if they win so it would behoove them to win. At worst the  Orioles need to go at least 4-1 in the next five games and sweep the lowly Nationals at home in order to keep fans from throwing in the towel.

After going 1-5 to start the month the Orioles are now 9-10 in June and have my interest peaked later in the season than it has been peaked in the last 12 seasons.

Hopefully this loss to the Marlins does not open the flood gates to yet another Orioles collapse.

The Orioles may have lost but it wasn’t do to a lack of trying. Don’t give up on this team, at least not yet anyway!!