Blogpark Report

August 26, 2008 | Glenn Clark

Notes from the Ballpark tonight…..

Orioles Lineup:

Brian Roberts 2B
Lou Montanez LF
Nick Markakis RF
Aubrey Huff 3B
Ramon Hernandez C
Luke Scott DH
Kevin Millar 1B
Jay Payton CF
Juan Castro SS 

and on the mound is recent Norfolk refugee Brian Burres, who got the supreme vote of confidence from Dave Trembley-saying “We needed a pitcher. He was on the roster. We just want him to keep the ball in the ballpark.”

This is a routine day off for Melvin Mora; and Trembley reminded the media that rest days were coming simply because the team had “played a lot of baseball.”

The White Sox counter with…..

Orlando Cabrera SS
Nick Swisher CF
Carlos Quentin LF 
Jermaine Dye RF
Ken Griffey Jr. DH
Paul Konerko 1B
Alexei Ramirez 2B
Joe Crede 3B
Toby Hall C

and Mt. St. Joe’s product Gavin Floyd on the mound. 

Dave Trembley was again very strange in his media session; ranting both about why he didn’t like replay; and adding in a “Sermon On The Mount” (his words) about how he did not curse this weekend when he was thrown out of a game against the Yankees.

Some tidbits from the session:

-Trembley reitterated that Matt Wieters WOULD NOT get a look in September; and neither would Chris Tillman. He did say that Bowie’s Brad Bergesen could get a look. Trembley went on to say that Chris Tillman is still FAR from big league ready; and it is safe to say he does not have big league plans for the 20 year old next season. 

-No word yet regarding Daniel Cabrera, but he expects results from a MRI tonight. Trembley said that setting up his rotation would go series by series; and said there was a possibility the Orioles could use a 6 man rotation in September. (Finding 6 pitchers might not be the easiest thing in the world for this organization).

-Trembley also said that the Orioles would not reach out to veterans or free agents to get through the rest of the season; but would instead use players already in the system. He also said he plans to continue playing his everyday players the rest of the season; as he wants to be “fair” to the veterans on this team. 

Enjoyed keeping Casey’s seat warm; but I’m off to the Spice Company; then I’ll talk to you in the morning.