Boras is on ‘the good stuff’

August 03, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Did I read that right today? Scott Boras is floating the figure of 10-years/$230 million as the price-tag for Mark Teixeira?

$23 million a year for a guy whose never won anything in his career?

$230 million for Mark Freakin’ Teixeira?

Sure, as long as the Statue of Liberty is included.

I know it’s just his opening salvo…he can’t POSSIBLY be serious…but Boras is out-of-his-mind if he thinks anyone in the league is going to give “Tex” $23 million a year.

Even the Yankees aren’t that crazy.

Maybe Boras is just trying to get A-Rod another raise. After all, if Teixeira gets $23 million in New York, that immediately makes #13 worth $40 mil a year, right?