Britton’s struggles, rotation crunch lead to latest demotion

July 10, 2013 | Luke Jones

Many have questioned how wise it is for Davis — or any slugger, for that matter — to take part in the Home Run Derby, but I can’t say it’s something over which I’m significantly concerned.

There’s always a certain element of risk when taking part in a competition outside the regular season — the All-Star Game itself is another example — but Davis has been credited by many for his improved ability to study video and make adjustments since the early years of his career in Texas. Many have also complimented his immense strength and how he appears to swing so easily while hitting baseballs a great distance, making it less likely that he’d be the type of hitter to overswing with his power coming so naturally.

There’s little doubt that Showalter will remind Davis of his commitment to the Orioles and encourage him not to overdo it, but there haven’t been any indications of resistance internally.

And as several will point out, his current 1-for-21 slide might indicate a change of pace is in order anyway.

Sluggers with Davis’ approach at the plate will go through rough patches that include less contact and more frustration, but the 27-year-old deserves the benefit of the doubt and a right to showcase himself in what’s been an MVP-caliber first half as well as one of the best extended stretches in franchise history.