May 19, 2009 | Keith Melchior

The Orioles wasted a great effort by Brad Bergesen tonight. Bergesen goes 6+ innings allows 2 runs on an A-Rod HR in the 1st, settles in and retires 12 in a row at one point and left with 2 on and the Yankees clinging to a 2-1 lead. When the smoke cleared, thanks to Chris Ray, who couldn’t get anyone out at all, anderrors by Robert Andino, and Adam Jones, Bergesen wound up as the losing pitcher as the Yankees erupted for 7 runs en route to a 9-1 victory.

I’m sorry, but Dave Trembling HAS to go after this season if the Orioles keep bumbling and stumbling like this.  Injuries are crippling this team, especially the ones Trembling says are day to day. Cesar Izturis has a groin strain,. Well put him on the freakin DL already and let him heal it. If the groin hurts he won’t be able to play effectively. This day to day stuff has to stop. They did the same thing with Melvin Mora, Ryan Freel and Luke Scott. Called them day to day injuries and then DL’d them after further examinations. Thorne and Martinez said that Lou Montanez hurt his hand 10 days ago and it looks like it is affecting his swing. Well, if they are right, then why isn’t he on the DL. Are these guys are trying to be martyrs on a team that totally stinks? Is Montanez afraid that if he gets sent to the DL his chances of remaining with the team this year depend on Nolan Reimold’s performance?

The offense sputters and stutters and cannot get it going  banging out 3 measley hits. Gregg Zaun might be solid behind the plate, but he sucks AT the plate. At least he raised his average 90 points this month. That’s the ONLY positive for this guy. Yeah he’s a placeholder, but his lack of punch at the plate is typical of these retreads that Andy McPhail  has signed to fill in the 40 man roster. 

That being said, the whole Weiters situation is horsecrap. He passed that timeline the team had to assure them having his Major League service time locked in for an extra year. The Yankees have  rookie catcher Francisco Cervelli in the lineup (with Posada on the DL) and he is currently hitting .370 in 12 games and handles himself pretty well behind the plate.  So what is taking the Orioles so long to recall Weiters. If he is able to play, ship someone out , get him up here and get him in the lineup. I’m certain there are many fans who would even offer to drive to Norfolk to get him.

At 16-23, 5-12 on the road, and mired in last place,  it’s time to try to survive the season and give the younger players an opportunity to grow together and form the type chemistry it takes to be a winner.  If they lose 3 straight in NY and limp home 9 games under .500 it surely won’t be a very memorable Memorial Day.

One good thing about the Yankees 7 run 7th inning. I switched the TV to the Chicago/Detroit playoff game in time to see the Blackhawks tie the game in the 3rd period, only to lose in OT.  Detroit looks pretty tough and is probably the odds on favorite to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. Sounds good, doesn’t it Capital’s fans? Too bad Washington will never be good enough to get to the finals, let alone win the Cup.