Brooks at OPACY but no one knew about it

September 18, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Chalk up tonight’s appearance by Brooks Robinson as yet another odd marketing endeavor by the O’s.

Robinson was in attendance this evening to take part in a ceremony honoring Melvin Mora, who recently surpassed Doug DeCinces for 2nd place on the team’s all-time games played list at third base.

The only problem?  Well, there were two, actually.

No one in town really knew Robinson was showing up tonight.  

80% of the 26,000 people in attendance this evening were Red Sox fans. 

Brooks has sort of been on the outside-looking-in over the last decade or so — in fact, when asked why he doesn’t visit OPACY more often, #5 quipped, “I think the O’s lost my phone number.”  I’m sure that comment he made to the Baltimore media won’t go over well in The Warehouse, but on occasion when Robinson has talked with on WNST he has mentioned that his relationship with the club isn’t all that great.

Yep, even the best third baseman in franchise history gets overlooked.  I don’t feel so bad, now.

I have no idea why the club wouldn’t have promoted Robinson’s appearance tonight.  It falls in line with most of their puzzling marketing decisions, frankly, but Brooks would have made the rounds on the various talk shows throughout the week and called in to promote not only his visit but the game itself.

Alas, no one knew about his participation in the ceremony tonight. 

As for the game, the O’s bats decided to “cease and desist” this evening, putting together a 5-hit effort in a 3-1 loss to the surging Red Sox.