Calling up Tillman: They can’t even do that right…

July 25, 2009 | Drew Forrester

This would make a great play.

“Calling up Tillman”.

In what has now become an open and very public fiasco, the O’s are now officially hinting that Chris Tillman WILL indeed make his major league debut next week against Kansas City — as has been anticipated over the last 7-10 days.

Just last night, though, Andy MacPhail was in Boston refusing to add any fuel to the Tillman fire, being as vague as he could be when answering questions from the team’s TV broadcast duo.

Why MacPhail didn’t just say “Tillman’s pitching Wednesday” when asked about it last night is anyone’s guess.  He did, of course, make mention that both Jason Berken and Rich Hill would each get at least one more look.  No one’s quite sure why that’s mandatory either — but evidently, it is.

So 24 hours after MacPhail refused to tell the truth, Dave Trembley got as close to the truth as he could prior to this evening’s game in Boston when he said, “we’ll be bringing someone up to start on Wednesday and it won’t be a surprise.”

Well, it’s not Jim Palmer.  

OK, Chris Tillman’s starting on Wednesday night. 

It’s anyone’s guess why he’s not starting Tuesday.  They need to give Rich Hill a chance to pitch a perfect game, I suppose.

Before Tillman’s start on Wednesday, SOMEONE on the 25-man roster has to go.  We’re all assuming it’s either Berken or Hill, although the club could make a trade between now and then and open a spot in that fashion.

I’m betting no matter what method they use, they’ll figure out a way to foul it up and confuse everyone.

As professional and unblemished as Matt Wieters’ call-up was on May 29, the Tillman promotion has equally been a fiasco.

“He’s coming up in the KC series…”

“He’ll be up sometime this year, we’re not sure when…”

“We’re going to look at Berken and Hill one more time…”

“We’ve decided to call someone up on Wednesday but we’re not saying who it is…it won’t be a surprise though.”

I’m almost hoping Berken and Hill throw back-to-back no hitters.

What a “fuster-cluck” this whole thing is…

Then again, “we’re not gonna win anyway”.