Clock watching, Wieters-style

August 14, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Before I launch into another arms-flapping, long-winded tirade about the Matt Wieters situation, let me state this – FOR THE RECORD – one more time.


The Orioles are going to sign Matt Wieters before Wednesday’s 11:59 pm deadline.

I still believe it.  I know, I’m probably a fool.  But if any of you want to bet me a chinese lunch – and Nestor still owes me one from some bet we made earlier this spring relating to the Birds – I’m bettin’ the Birds ink Wieters sometime tomorrow.

They really don’t have a choice but to sign him.  The spotlight is on them.  Brightly.  They launched that “thing” of a TV network specifically to have extra cash laying around for events just like this one with Wieters.  Give him the extra $2.5 mil he wants and let’s stop pussy footing around and start acting like the Yankees or Red Sox.  After all, don’t we want the Orioles to be just like either New York or Boston?  Sure we do.  The Red Sox gave up $102 MILLION for Matsuzaka in the winter.  $102 million!  They wanted their guy.  They got their guy.  The Orioles have their guy.  But they have to PAY their guy.

I’m not going to go into all that “who struck John?” about Boras, Angelos, slotting, ego, league office giving approval, blah, blah, blah.

It’s all blah, blah, blah.

Sign the kid.  I’ve been saying this for a month.  Forget about slotting – the Tigers just did with Rick Porcello.  If the Orioles want to win, they have to put aside their gentlemanly duty and play “hard ball” with the league and say, “we’re signing the kid, we’re giving him the $10 million deal that Boras wants and, Mr. Selig, if you don’t like it, well…that’s tough.  We have games to win and a franchise to rebuild.”

If they have the balls to step outside of the norm and give this kid the cash, they’ll take a stride towards showing the fans they really are thinking about winning in the future.

If they let the deadline pass without signing Wieters, well…’hath no fury like a fan base scorned.”

I will say this, and I first brought it up today on the show.  If the Orioles do NOT sign Wieters, I hope they go to Toronto and lose 36-0 on Friday night.

Seriously.  I hope the Blue Jays pounded out 29 hits, score 36 runs and give the Orioles the worst “stinky butt” beating any team has ever laid on another team in major league baseball history.

How funny would that be?  A 36-0 loss to the Blue Jays.

And that would only be step #1.  I’d have plenty of other punishments to hand out if Wieters doesn’t sign a deal by tomorrow.