Come on Buck!

August 03, 2011 | Mitchell Toland

I’m really getting tired of seeing the same pattern with Buck Showalter and the Orioles.  We bring guys up from the minors to play and see what they have but then they get inconsistent, at best, playing time.  We know what we’re getting from guys like Robert Andino and Felix Pie.  We have guys like Nolan Reimold and Blake Davis sitting on the bench and playing inconsistently when we aren’t really sure of what they can offer.  All we know is that Reimold hit a decent amount of home runs his rookie season and that Blake has played well in the minors.

How are we ever going to truly know how good these guys are when they are playing every other day, or every third day.  Like I said, we know what we’re getting from Felix Pie and Robert Andino.  Pie is going to offer us horrid defense and Andino is going to give you a decent off the bench bat and pretty solid defense.  We need to know what these other guys have to offer with consistent everyday playing time.  We know Reimold is not the best left fielder but he hits for some power and a decent average in the time we have seen him.  Blake has played pretty good defense since that horrible error against the Red Sox in his first game and he has hit decently despite his average. He’s only had 21 at-bats since July 7!  It’s freaking ridiculous.  Don’t bring a guy up if  you don’t plan on playing him consistently.  It’s not like the O’s are in playoff contention or battling for .500 and you don’t want to play a rookie too often.  We’re the worst team in the American League!

We just need to play these guys and see what they have to offer so we know whether or not it’s even worth having these guys on the team!  The same thing happened with Ryan Adams earlier this year.  He was called up after raking in Spring Training and in AAA and when he got here he got almost no at-bats and wasn’t given a real opportunity to play.  Why are we not trying to play young second baseman who we are probably going to need to play almost everyday soon. Brian Roberts is done.  I don’t even consider him a member of the team anymore.  He cannot be counted on to play everyday.  It is a real shame we still have two years left on the contract with him for $20 million.  I remember when that deal was signed thinking it was a bad idea for an aging speed second baseman.  So because we have an unreliable second baseman we need to find out what the young guys can do! This is the same with left field.  We have no idea who is the left fielder of the future.  We know it’s not Pie.  So why is Nolan Reimold not playing every freaking night for the rest of the season so we know what he have.  If he plays well we can look at it as we have a decent option in left field heading into next season.  If not we know we have to look outside of the organization as we don’t have anyone in the minors ready to play that position.

Nolan Reimold and Blake Davis should be playing everyday.  We just brought Chris Davis in from Texas and he is playing everyday already.  We know what Pie and Andino and Brob give us now and none of it is great.  Let Reimold and Davis play everyday for the rest of the year and let’s see what these guys have to really offer us.  Hell, if you don’t honestly believe Blake Davis can play then bring Ryan Adams and his bat back up here and play him everyday. He’s hitting .288 with 8 homers at Norfolk this year. Not a lot of power but obviously he can hit.   We just need to be playing someone new that we think has potential and see what they really have to offer us for the rest of the year.  We’re only hurting the development of guys like Blake Davis when we call them up and then let them sit on the bench and get 20-30 at-bats a month.  It’s ridiculous.

Last week against the Blue Jays I remember Reimold having a home run and a double in a game and driving in 3 runs, I believe.  The next night we were facing Romero.  Reimold sat the next night because he was 1 for 10 career against Romero and Pie played because he was 2 for 5.  Ten freaking at-bats is not enough to have a track record against a guy.  It can take more at-bats than that to even get a real feel for a guy.  So you take Reimold out of the lineup when he is swinging a good stick so that you can play Felix freaking Pie.  It’s just ridiculous.  That is over managing at its finest.

You can’t plan for the future if you don’t know what you have in the present.  Stop micro-managing and just play these guys everyday and spell them with Pie and Andino.  Andino could spell Reimold, Hardy, or Blake Davis if we needed him to.  We have to find out what we have if we’re ever going to get better in the future.  As always, thank god for the Ravens.