Complete Implosion

April 18, 2009 |

Paging Dave Trembley,  Paging Dave Trembley….  Dave please figure out how to use a bullpen effectively.  I know that you were given an inept pitching staff to work with, but as a major league manager you have to know that your starters are horrible and that you will have to protect the pen in order to prevent another inevitable second half swoon.  If our #1 starter is actually a #3 at best on most teams it is time for an infusion of young blood in the rotation.  Dave get over your infatuation for has been and never was veterans, please, and if you ever think of calling Baez out of the pen make sure we are already down by at least 5 runs. 


The loss last night was a tough one to take because we were up 7-0 and we let the Red Sox back into the game.  The last thing I want to do is hurt the Orioles’ feelings, as we all know by now how sensitive they are, but this kind of play will not cut it.  While watching the implosion last night I couldn’t help but feel I had been mystically transported to September, judging by the malaise written all over their faces we could be in for a long season and we are only ten games in.  The Red Sox’s bats were cold coming into the series but nothing cures what ails a team quite like seeing the O’s pitching staff for a four game set.


The bats won’t be able to disguise the worst pitching staff in the league for much longer and the mental errors in the field are inexcusable.  A simple basket catch, come on Jones.  Huff why would you go down to one knee to field a ball at first base, were you even paying attention to the game, or did that one catch you by surprise while you were thinking about the Boston night life?  I suppose that is what I get for praising you in a previous blog, please step it up.  Too many more games like this and I think my orange Kool-Aid will run out.


Baltimore Orioles baseball means the world to me and all that I ask is that the team plays hard and smart every night.  Control the things that they can control like mental mistakes, managing game situations properly, and hustling on every play.  The wnst text service also informed us of more potentially bad news last night with the report that Matt Wieters was forced to leave a game early yesterday.  Matt, get well soon the O’s will need your help this year, and for the love of Pete please call up Brad Bergesen before this thing gets too far out of hand.  I can’t bear to see what the Red Sox will do to Adam Eaton tonight.


P.S.  Maybe they should think about throwing the Baltimore roadies back on because the baseball gods are obviously displeased about the alternate uniforms.  Posted below is the new theme song regarding my blogs about the O’s.


Warning this song has not been edited 18 and over only.