Dave Trembley: What should the O’s do with him?

September 24, 2009 | Drew Forrester

In three weeks or so, the Orioles will announce their managerial plans for 2010.

The big question?  Dave Trembley — does he return, or not?

The answer?  Who knows…

Here we are, September 24, and the club hasn’t announced whether or not they’re going to exercise the one-year option they have on Trembley’s existing agreement.

I think that’s bush-league, personally, but I’m not running the club.

It’s also business as usual for the O’s, who never seem to do anything in “standard format”.  

Letting Dave Trembley manage these last 30 games from hell with a Bad-News-Bears-lineup and a bunch of AAAA players is bad enough — making him do so without knowing if he’ll be back next year is just plain wrong.  

Based on that and that alone – not publicly acknowledging that they’re renewing his deal – I’d say the signs are pointing to DT not returning next year.

I bet he’ll be heartbroken if that’s the case.

OK, maybe not.

Realistically, though, what are they supposed to do with the manager’s position?

They can bring Trembley back, of course.  Some would say it’s only fair, given what they’ve put him through since he picked up the gig in the summer of ’07 after the players got Sam Perlozzo fired.

Anyone who listens to The Comcast Morning Show knows what I think about Dave Trembley.  I don’t think he’s a great manager — and I don’t think he’s a bad manager.  I think he’s in between.  He reminds me of a gin joint in L.A. — there’s one of ’em on every corner.  

I think the best thing he EVER did was call out the organization two weeks ago after a home loss (who was it again? there have been so many…) – citing the franchise for “lack of professionalism” during his post-game press conference.  He’s been dealing with that kind of stuff all year.  It was good to see him give us all a quick glimpse into the nightly fiasco he handles while having to manage this last place outfit. 

But that’s not enough for me to say “bring him back”.

It would be EASY for the Orioles to re-sign Dave Trembley.  In all fairness, how can you blame him for what’s transpired under his stewardship?  The team has shipped out a handful of quality players in an effort to trim payroll and replenished the lineup with minor leaguers, re-treads and a smattering of young, promising players who have learned the oldest sports axiom in the book:  “you can’t win ’em all…”

I’ve never been a huge fan of Trembley’s in-game management style, but to say he’s been even PARTIALLY to blame for the team’s woes over the last 26 months would be unfair.  He might have cost the team 6 games this year.  Bad pitching, bad baserunning and bad players cost them about 26 games.  Joe Torre, Bill Belichick and Dr. Phil couldn’t have guided this club to a 75-win season if all three were on the bench every night.

So why fire him?

Make that, why “re-hire” him?  

Of course, if they do part company with him, the O’s won’t admit to “firing him”.  They’ll merely say, “We’ve elected to NOT renew the option on Dave’s contract.”

It’s code word for: firing.  But Lord knows the O’s haven’t exactly been up front on hirings and firings over the years.  They “accepted Davey Johnson’s resignation”, “reluctantly allowed Jon Miller to go to San Francisco” and “have no idea what you all are talking about with regard to Andy MacPhail” as the O’s held a press conference at OPACY and Mike Flanagan addressed the media while the words: “O’s hire Andy MacPhail as team VP” scrolled across the bottom of the MASN screen.

Seriously, though, why SHOULD they fire Trembley?

And if they do, who they gonna get?

Really?  Who’s coming here to take this gig?  Anyone with a brain would block incoming calls from “410” on their cell phone.

But someone has to manage the team in ’10 if Trembley gets the heave-ho.

I’d seek out Bob Melvin or Larry Bowa, among those currently not managing big league clubs.  

But that’s just me.

Here’s the truth: I’m not really sure what they should do with Trembley.

One part of me says, “What the hell, let him go and bring in someone else to put his stamp on the team.”

The other part says, “Trembley can’t be held responsible for this sandlot team they’ve handed him this season…it’s almost un-American to not bring him back.”

Either way, I’m good.

If the O’s DO bring Trembley back, I’m not going to pitch a fit.

If the O’s go ahead and give him the boot, I’m not going to pitch a fit.

I’m cool with it either way.

One thing for sure.  There’s a really good chance the O’s are gonna f*** it up somehow.

I’m not sure how…but it’s even money in Vegas that the Birds botch the Trembley decision.

Here’s one thing I DO know.  If Trembley comes back, give the man some ballplayers.  And give him a multi-year deal so he has a little authority in the locker room.

Come to think of it, give the fans some ballplayers too.

Enough of Bob McCrory.  And Chris Ray.  And Chad Moeller.  

No Ty Wigginton’s at third base next April.  Please.

With all due respect to Luke Scott, let’s end the first base experiment and make a deal in the 0ff-season for a real glove and a real bat.  

Get a closer.  Jim Johnson has failed closer-class, unfortunately.

Give the manager – Trembley or whomever – something to work with, please.

Don’t ask the skipper to make chicken salad out of chicken s***.