Dear Darrelle,

August 02, 2010 | John West

I have three more thoughts today……..

First, here is my open letter to NY Jet star cornerback Darrelle Revis:

Dear Darrelle,

I saw that you began you holdout of Jets camp, and you should know a lot of people support you.  The Jets are disrespecting you!  How dare they make you play under you existing contract.  It is outrageous and you should stay out for as long as you need to, Buddy.  Get that new contract!  If this holdout risks you playing well, or even not at all, for you the first game of the season, that’s just fine.  You need to make the Jets aware of just how important you are to their franchise.

So in summary, you should probably continue your holdout all the way through week 1.  After that, I really don’t care.

Yours truly,

Baltimore Ravens Nation

Secondly, I did some math.  The Baltimore Ravens moved to town in 1996.  Since they have been here, they have had 3 head coaches.  In the last 90 days, the Baltimore Orioles have had 3 head coaches.

Finally, The 1988 Baltimore Orioles were 32-71 on July 31, 1988.  That team went on to win 14 GAMES IN AUGUST.  That’s right; the 1988 Baltimore Orioles won 14 games in the month of August to finish the month with a 46-86 record.

On July 31, 2010 the Baltimore Orioles are 32-73.  That is an average of 8 wins per month.  If this team does that again, they would have 40 wins by the end of the month.  An entire 6 games behind the 1988 Orioles as they begin their September fall to the finish line.  And it gets worse.  Between Tillman, Matusz, Bergesen and Arrieta, these guys are going to get to their season long pitch limit sometime in September.  It gets worse….who amongst you thinks its possible this team doesn’t win their 8 games this month?  I don’t, and neither should you.

People, we should all be bracing ourselves for a historic collapse as this worst baseball season in Baltimore Orioles history ends.  And to listen to Andy McPhail talk about an unfair competitive balance and injuries anymore, I may just lose it.

One final note.  Please listen for me on WNST as I am trying to participate in Nestor’s next Baltimore Media Star.  I plan on bring all this sports insight to a radio near you soon.  Any support you wish to give to me, I will take it.  Thank you.