Dear O’s,

June 09, 2010 | John West

Why am I an Orioles fan?

It’s a surprisingly difficult question with many layers for an answer.  The first one is “I have always been an Orioles fan” and I am starting to think that isn’t good enough.

One analogy for my relationship with the Orioles is a marriage.  I made a lifelong, monogamous commitment to the Orioles when I was a kid, and I have stuck through that thick and thin.  However, like a marriage, there need to be 2 parties in the commitment for it to work.  Can anyone deny that the Orioles have left my marriage?  I tell you this, my answer is the only one that matters and I feel as if the Orioles left me several years ago.  I have been just kinda hanging around, hoping they come back to me.  Very much like the person at home, all alone, for many many years, waiting for their spouse to come home.  At what point do I realize that they are not coming back?  How long do I have to wait for someone who left ME????

I am getting very… very close to deciding I don’t want to wait anymore.

By the way, there is a team down the street that really wants me to like them.  They appear to want to appreciate me and my business.  They appear to have a good product and a good management team that will respect me.

Why am I not a Nationals fan?

It can’t be because I have always been an Orioles fan.  I want what I thought I had.  I want a monogamous commitment with a baseball team.  One where I am respected and appreciated as much as I love them.  Right now, with the Orioles, I am sad and TIRED.  I don’t want to sit home anymore waiting for the Orioles to come back to me.  I need to recognize that the team I loved as a kid, the one I have always loved, has LEFT ME.  It really hurts to say that.  This really hurts.  But this is my first post in which I have looked into a mirror and said out loud “I need to leave you.”  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  I don’t know how the damage this Orioles team and this Oriole franchise will continue doing to me this year will affect me.  I do know that I have begun the process.  It’s scary, but at some point I have to look at my life not as a kid but as a man who has been dumped.  Is it possible I just began the healthy process of moving on with my life?

I will close with this. If I stay an Orioles fan, it will have nothing to do with the Orioles.  Who they are and what they think of me is well established and undeniable.  They want me to shut up, pay for MASN, go to the games, and listen to their “PLAN”, and I am absolutely done with this crap.  The only question I have as I finish this post is- am I strong enough to leave a one person relationship?