Despite wins, Orioles still facing longest odds in AL East

August 01, 2012 | WNST Staff

Courtesy of Bovada, (,  Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Quote from Sportsbook Manager, Kevin Bradley

“With the trade deadline passing Tuesday in Major League Baseball teams are stocking up on talent for their playoff runs. The biggest winners after the trade deadline were the Los Angeles Angles that moved form 10/1* to 15/2, the Los Angeles Dodgers moving from 22/1* to 14/1 and finally the San Francisco Giants that moved form 15/1* to 12/1.”

*Odds taken from 1 week before the trade deadline for comparison purposes

Odds to win the 2012 World Series     

New York Yankees                    19/4

Texas Rangers                          5/1

Los Angeles Angels                   15/2

Washington Nationals                9/1

Cincinnati Reds                         10/1

Detroit Tigers                             10/1

San Francisco Giants                 12/1

Atlanta Braves                           14/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 14/1

Chicago White Sox                    20/1

St. Louis Cardinals                     22/1

Boston Red Sox                        25/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      25/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       25/1

Oakland Athletics                      35/1

Arizona Diamondbacks               45/1

Toronto Blue Jays                      45/1

Baltimore Orioles                       55/1

Cleveland Indians                       75/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   75/1

Miami Marlins                            90/1

New York Mets                          100/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    225/1

Minnesota Twins                        500/1

Seattle Mariners                        500/1

Kansas City Royals                   600/1

Chicago Cubs                            750/1

San Diego Padres                      750/1

Colorado Rockies                       1000/1

Houston Astros                          1000/1

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