D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction Orioles 9-Game Scorecard (Games 10-18)

April 22, 2014 | Luke Jones

During the 2014 season, Drew Forrester and Luke Jones of The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction will provide the “9-Game Scorecard” for the Orioles, evaluating the club in nine-game increments in a number of categories and looking ahead to how Baltimore will fare over the next nine games on the schedule.

To hear the full explanation of the most recent “Orioles 9-Game Scorecard” during Tuesday’s show, click HERE.

1. Should the Orioles have been better or worse than their 5-4 mark?
Drew: Worse
Luke: Better

2. Most Valuable Player/Least Valuable Player
Drew: MVP – Chris Tillman; LVP – David Lough
Luke: MVP – Adam Jones; LVP – David Lough

3. Biggest surprise
Drew: Chris Davis having one home run as we approach late April
Luke: Chris Davis and Adam Jones having a combined two homers after hitting 86 last season

4. Best thing about the nine-game stretch
Drew: Zach Britton has settled into a meaningful and effective relief role
Luke: The Orioles are sitting with a .500 record despite ranking 29th in the majors in home runs

5. Nine games from now…
Drew: Chris Davis’ troubling start turns around with four home runs over the stretch
Luke: The left field and second base positions will remain unresolved

6. Record in the next nine games
(three at Toronto, three with Kansas City, two with Pittsburgh, one at Minnesota)
Drew: 5-4
Luke: 6-3

7. Stock rising/falling over the next nine games
Drew: Rising – Adam Jones; Falling – Ubaldo Jimenez
Luke: Rising – Nick Markakis; Falling – Steve Lombardozzi

8. Grading Buck Showalter in games 10-18
Drew: B-
Luke: B