D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction Orioles 9-Game Scorecard (Games 19-27)

May 06, 2014 | Luke Jones

During the 2014 season, Drew Forrester and Luke Jones of The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction will provide the “9-Game Scorecard” for the Orioles, evaluating the club in nine-game increments in a number of categories and looking ahead to how Baltimore will fare over the next nine games on the schedule.

To hear the full explanation of the most recent “Orioles 9-Game Scorecard” during Tuesday’s show, click HERE.

(Editor’s note: Since this nine-game scorecard officially ended on Friday night, it does not include the final two games of the Twins series as those are part of the next nine-game increment.)

1. Should the Orioles have been better or worse than their 6-3 mark?
Drew: Worse
Luke: Worse

2. Most Valuable Player/Least Valuable Player
Drew: MVP – Nelson Cruz; LVP – David Lough
Luke: MVP – Nelson Cruz; LVP – David Lough

3. Biggest surprise
Drew: Adam Jones continuing to struggle to hit for power and still only having one home run
Luke: The recent struggles of Chris Tillman and his inability to pitch deep into games

4. Best thing about the nine-game stretch
Drew: Nick Markakis getting off to a good start and showing some power
Luke: Ubaldo Jimenez finally breaking through to pitch a gem against Minnesota

5. Nine games from now…
Drew: Adam Jones will add three homers to quell early-season concerns
Luke: Concerns over Miguel Gonzalez and his future in the starting rotation will continue

6. Record in the next nine games (*0-2 at Minnesota, three at Tampa Bay, three with Houston, one with Detroit)
Drew: 5-4
Luke: 5-4

7. Stock rising/falling over the next nine games
Drew: Rising – Adam Jones; Falling – Ubaldo Jimenez
Luke: Rising – J.J. Hardy; Falling – Nelson Cruz

8. Grading Buck Showalter in games 19-27
Drew: B+
Luke: B-