Drink the Orange Kool-Aid

April 05, 2011 | Tom Federline

It tastes good. Get it while I’m pouring. Get it while the Orioles are pouring, as they have been since last August. If there was a time to buy stock in Orange Kool-Aid, now is the time. You may be a little late, but it’s better than not buying it at all. A three-game sweep at the AL East division champions home in Tampa Bay, a home Opening Day win here and a visit from the Earl of Baltimore. IF, you are an O’s fan, that is pretty darn exciting. Forget the TP and milk, get to the stores fast to stock up on Orange Kool-Aid, there’s a storm coming. It isn’t snow, it isn’t high winds, it isn’t radiation poisoning from Japan. It’s Buck and the Birds. “The Boys are Back in Town” – (Thin Lizzy).

As usual, I was at the annual Baltimore Holiday tradition yesterday. That would be 28 out of 30, counting celebrating Opening Day Anyway in 1995. I was with my daughter, parental units and about 25,000 other O’s fans all in orange. Throw in the summer-like weather, a revived Oriole fan base, another Orioles win and Ain’t the Orange Kool-Aid Cold? Great atmosphere at the Yards, for the most part. It was Opening Day, so you had the cell phoners, the yacking BS’ers and a jerk who ran out onto to the field. But so what? Hopefully that jerk got a beat down, is still in jail, plus a hefty fine. It didn’t snow or rain. And the 10,000 or so fake fans are far away from the Yards not to return until playoff time. O’s baseball is back. Seize the Moment. Drink the Kool-Aid while it’s flowing.

How about this past weekend? At first I was like, they are opening away, at night, in a dome……….that is not an Orioles Opening Day or start of a season. Then the game began adn the Baltimore Orioles clearly had recognized it was time to turn it on. They said it was a sell-out at Tropicana Field. The tickets may have been sold, but that stadium was 1/2 to 3/4 full. Nice turn out for a team that won the AL East last year, huh? Guthrie was on fire, O’s sporting a new infield except for Roberts, Markakis (Future HOF) fittingly knocks in first run of the year, Hardy makes presence known, great defense and timely hitting. After Guthrie pitched an ace for 8 innings, ole Jim Johnson almost resorted back to depressing Oriole ways withhis first pitch in the ninth. A home run to Zobrist. A little worry then bang, bang, bang down they went. O’s win.

Second game, ‘The Catch”. An Oriole highlight for the year. “The Catch” may have never been, if the umpires hadn’t blown a “safe” call on that double play “out” in the ninth.  The O’s new goggled eye closer Kevin Gregg still has some proving to do. How about that Pie to Weiters play from left field to the blocking of home plate? Tillman pitching a no-hitter through 6? Roberts 3-run dinger in the 8th. All very cool. O’s win. Game 3 – ML debut for another O’s young gun, Zach Britton. Great defense again, Reynolds at third, Lee at first – he’s a vacuum. The kid settles in, pitch count did get up there. Clutch hitting. Bullpen cleans up with Berken, Johnson, Ruuuuuupe. The O’s simply out played the Rays over the weekend. Even with the blown interference and double play calls. O’s sweep! 

The orange kool-aid is good. I have 7 months worth stored away. Actually, as you all know, I’m serving the orange stuff even during the worst of times. Maybe it’s time for the break out? The pieces are there for the O’s to shock the baseball world. What could stop the sale of Orange Kool-Aid?  The pitching staff and the disabled/sick list are becoming a little to familiar way to early. And if the O’s lose Weiters or Markakis (Future HOF), things could turn bad, quickly. Just get to the Yard, watch ’em on the tube, listen to them on the radio. It’s Spring. The O’s look good and oh yeah, there was this passing of the “ball/torch” thing yesterday to some guy named Buck Showalter. They have a leader! Go O’s!