Early morning at the yard

May 01, 2008 |

Couple of quick points from Camden Yards:
          No Luke Scott, Ramon Hernandez, or Luis Hernandez in the lineup today for the O’s. Payton will play in place of Scott, Quiroz for Ramon, and Torress for Hernandez
          Once again the O’s have taken objection to something that was written in the local paper about them the other day and have posted it in several places in the clubhouse. I think this team is a little to caught up in the us against the world mentality.
          Had a chance to talk to George Sherrill this morning, and he is a huge Ray Lewis fan. George said that he respects the way Ray has been through his battles off the field and came through them. George said he also enjoys watching and listening to Ray when he is doing interviews and talks. George said he respects the passion that Ray plays with; he also mentioned that Ray is one of the best football players ever. George said he hopes to make it to a Ravens game this year to watch Ray play in person.
          The Orioles are hosting about 2,000 kids this morning to teach them about weather and everything that goes along with the weather team from WJZ in collecting that information.
          Adam Loewen was in the O’s clubhouse for a few minutes this morning and said he will not be making the road trip with the team, which we sort of knew because he is on the disabled list. Adam was asked what was next in finding out what is wrong with his arm and he said that he is not sure. Dave Trembley had told us that Adam was suppose to be going to see Dr. James Andrews