Fans don’t want to hear it, but Dan Duquette is right about lots of things

November 17, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

I’m not sure what I would do with Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and J.J. Hardy. In reality, it would probably benefit the Orioles to trade all three of them. They aren’t contending in 2012 and 2013 would be a real stretch. By 2014, who knows what those guys are still contributing to the team. If their current deals aren’t extended, Adam Jones would be headed to Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium and Markakis and Hardy would each have a year left in Baltimore.

However, I think it’s still possible to build around those players, as long as it’s under the condition that they aren’t going to really TRY to contend until other pieces are in place around them.

Going for the quick fix didn’t work for Syd Thrift, Jim Beattie, Jim Duquette, or the late Mike Flanagan. All it did was prolong the inevitable.

If Dan Duquette really wants to do things the right way, he needs to attempt what Andy MacPhail attempted, and that’s blow it up.

I haven’t seen a winning Orioles team since 1997 when I was seven years old. Yeah, I’d like to see the Orioles win before I’m 24, but if Duquette tries to grant me that wish, I may not see the Birds win until I’m in my 30’s.

None of us want to hear that, but it’s true. The Orioles are so far away from contention; a lot farther than Prince Fielder or C.J. Wilson can run.

I’m not going to blast “DD” for not going after the top free agents this season. Rather, I’m going to applaud him. It’s the smart decision, even if no one wants to hear it.

A house cannot be built before its foundation.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this Orioles team has a very, very shaky foundation. Before the new Duquette/Showalter combo screams “NOW,” that foundation must become rock solid.

This might take a while, but as they say, good things come to those who wait…





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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Just think of all the All Stars this team could have drafted since 97 but passed over. Enough said. Foreign scouts are a joke. They must be sitting on a beach with a Corona instead of watching kids play ball!

  2. Tim Says:

    Peter, here’s the problem – this organization won’t do either. There will be no splashy free agent signings, nor will there be the complete overhaul / starting-over that’s so desperately needed. Same middle of the road strategy, some decent younger guys, a few aging free agents, the annual flirting with .500, and continued profitibility for the owners. Same old O’s.

  3. Joe D. Says:

    Hey Peter,
    Who cares about the O’s?

  4. Mark Says:

    Peter- The reason that the Orioles will stink for the next decade has nothing to do with strategy. It has to do with MONEY!! Free agents cost money that King Peter will not give up. But guess what??? Developing a good minor league system takes……MONEY!!! When will everyone understand that this horror show has NOTHING to do with the people King Peter hires, it have EVERYTHING to do with his greed and putting the fans money in his pocket instead of into the organization. He could hire the greatest GM of all time but unless he decides that, over the last 15 years, that he has enough money, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!! Mark my words.

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