Finally – Orange and Black

October 05, 2010 | Tom Federline

For the first time in 13 years, the prominent colors of late Summer and early Fall in the Baltimore area were orange and black, not purple and black. It depended on what day it was or what area you were in or who you are talking to, but all that really mattered was at this time of year, to even see the color orange (and not from the Maple leaves), was pleasure to behold.”Thank You” – (Led Zepplin), Andy DidnotFail and “Please Free the Birds” Angelos. Thank you for hiring a “skipper”. And thank you Oriole players for responding. You have heard and read all the accolades for Showalter and the Birds during that time frame; a 34-23 record since August 3rd, they would be in first place by 3 games, had the 3rd best pitching ERA, most wins in 1 run ball games, etc. etc. Baseball was back in August and September and I had forgotten how good it could feel. I like the combination of orange/purple/red/white and black. I like when we can wear all colors proudly. Note picture to left of blog.

I am a fan of the color purple. I am not a fan of football in 90 degree+ weather (August). It is still baseball season. It has been extremely disheartening not to have a baseball team to watch or listen to in August/September because they had  “tanked it.”  The baseball season runs to long. The football season starts to early – all to be addressed in a later blog. The resurgence of the Orioles has been the talk of baseball fans and media across the country. That is cool! There was an orange glow at the Yards that hasn’t been there in 13 years. There was music coming out of Joe Angels mouth that I hadn’t heard in many a moon, “You can put another one in the …… WIN COLUMN….the Orioles take another series…..2 out of 3.” That even felt good to type it. I just got a chill.

Was this the spring board for 2011? Will the Orioles finish better than last place? Will they reach .500? Right now…..I don’t care. I’m still basking in the orange glow. I hope all you Oriole fans out there…Seized the Moment. Because if you didn’t, your loss! Three months ago I was counting the losses to 120 and had convinced myself that with Trembley, then Samuel, the Orioles were going into the record book. It was true, the O’s did not have all of their horses (or ponies). I didn’t care. They did not have  a leader on or off the field and poor play was acceptable. That makes it tough to follow. Then the Perfect Storm hit.

The return of Brian “Spark Plug” Roberts, “Felix the Cat” Pie, “Koji with a K” Uehara and Michael “I want to field a bunt down third base” Gonzalez. And of course…………..the hiring of a “Skipper”. There was a new sheriff in town and change was a comin’! The starting pitching won a few games and then it became a “one upmanship” type of challenge. The bullpen didn’t want to let the starters and team down (well most of ’em). There was hitting with guys in scoring position. There was emotion! I’m telling you……one of the defining moments of the season and one of the reasons Showalter is going to keep Wiggington, was that block at 3rd base against the Texas Rangers in August. A field leader surfaced. I just got another chill.

The colors are turning to predominantly purple around Baltimore and deservedly so. There is a little red/white/gold and black on Saturdays. There is a chill in the air. You can smell football and the change of season. The color orange is still around, but those are gifts from Mother Nature. It sure would be nice to have the dilemma in September/October of, “Do I wear orange or purple today?” How about purple on Fridays and Sundays, then orange when called for? I want to drink Punkin’ coffee while going to an Oriole playoff game in mid-October. Man, they have to shorten the season.

Thank you Orioles. Thank you, even it was for only two months. It was a rough year. It has been a rough many years! 1983 – you kiddin’ me? William Nathaniel “Buck” Showalter III (a former Yankee) and a Perfect Storm, who woulda thunk it?