Flanny & Duquette join WNST, Comcast, WBAL, Jon Miller, et al

June 21, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Nothing surprises me anymore – when it comes to the Orioles – so to say I’m even the least bit shocked at what’s happened over there at the Warehouse this week would be fibbing.  I’m not surprised at all.

I just didn’t know it would happen THIS quickly and this PUBLICLY.

Andy MacPhail is in and, as he said throughout his press conference today, “there needs to be ONE voice.”  Listen closely people…that one voice you hear belongs to Andy MacPhail.

I don’t feel bad that Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette have been cast to the side.  They’re big boys — they knew the drill when they took their respective jobs.  They ESPECIALLY knew – given the company for which they work – this day would most likely come…the day they were the ones kicked to the curb and left out to blow in the breeze.

And that day has come.

Now, they join the ranks of WNST, Comcast SportsNet, WBAL Radio, Jon Miller, Jim Beattie, Davey Johnson and anyone else you want to list who have been relegated to “persona non-grata” status once the team has no more use for your services.

Oops, I forgot to add a name:  Sam Perlozzo.

Anyone else find it interesting that Perlozzo appeared on WNST today – just two days after he was canned?  I guess that edict doesn’t exist anymore now that Sam isn’t the Manager, right?

Back to the story at hand.

Monday morning, Mike Flanagan stood at the Warehouse podium and discussed the firing of Sam Perlozzo and the hiring of Dave Trembley.  Looking a lot like Kevin Spacey in “The Life of David Gale”, all Flanagan needed was the orange jump-suit, the leg shackles and a Bible in his hand.  Like Spacey’s character on his execution day, Flanny looked a beaten man.  For some bizarre reason, the press conference’s organizer made Flanny look the fool by not having Trembley at the press conference, even though he was IN the building at the time.  So there Flanagan stood, talking about a new manager who wasn’t there and offering more “no comments” than Miguel Tejada has home runs this season.

Speaking of looking foolish, Jim Duquette stood 12-feet to Flanagan’s left with his arms folded and electric tape over his mouth while O’s Communications Director Greg Bader studied Flanny intently to make sure he didn’t say anything (no worries on that one) that could come back to haunt the club.  Don’t worry, Greg, you succeeded there.

And if that wasn’t embarrassment enough, the Orioles sent Russell Smouse and Lou Angelos out to Chicago yesterday (with Flanny and MacPhail) to meet with Joe Girardi and his agent.  I can only assume they let Flanagan go along because he needed the frequent flier miles – 800 more and he gets two tickets to Aruba.

Welcome to the Orioles, Andy MacPhail.  Your 20+ years in professional baseball don’t mean a thing to these guys.  They need to send “legal counsel” and the owner’s son to the meeting to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Oh, what’s that you say, Andy?  You’re going to have complete control of the club?  Really?  How come Matlock and the owner’s eyes had to accompany you to Chicago?

I’m off track again – I’m sorry.

So, we fast forward to this morning’s press conference where MacPhail was introduced by – for legal reasons I assume – Russell Smouse.  At least they didn’t have Flanagan introduce him, right?  The only problem with the introduction?  MacPhail’s title – President of Baseball Operations.  Uh, I’m no genius, but wouldn’t that conflict a little bit with the roles of Flanagan and Duquette?

“One voice”, MacPhail said.  That’s how this is going to work.

Well, like the team in San Diego who are going to play a game tonight for a manager they KNOW won’t be there this time next week, Flanagan and Duquette have to go to work tomorrow knowing they aren’t going to be there this time next year.

And to think that we assumed at WNST it was only US they’d ever drag through the mud.

Welcome to the club guys.  We’re a good group here.  You’ve got the gang from WNST.  Shake hands with Steve Davis, Keith Mills and Jeff Beauchamp from WBAL.  They were summarily dismissed over the winter after nearly 20 years of service.  Over in the corner getting a bottled water is Brent Harris from Comcast SportsNet.  He covers the team every single day and they treat him like he has mono.

And meet Sam Perlozzo – oh, that’s right, you guys know Sam.  You fired him on Monday.  Or did Andy MacPhail fire him?  Wait, Andy MacPhail couldn’t have fired Sam.  He didn’t start with the club until today.  Hold on a sec – MacPhail was in Chicago yesterday trying to hire Joe Girardi.  Was he employed then?  I’m confused.  Who hired Dave Trembley?  Who is Lou Angelos?  Can he manage?

I truly feel bad for Flanagan and Duquette.  No one deserves to be treated like this.

But, as we all know by now – “It’s the Oriole way”.

And lastly, I’m going to start a bank account for my soon-to-be-born son…every time I hear Andy MacPhail say, “I’m in control…one voice…I’ll work directly with Peter…I have the freedom to make all the decisions”…I’m going to put $5 in little Ethan’s piggy bank.

And on the first day I read a headline in The Sun like this:  ANGELOS SAYS NO TO TEJADA TRADE – I’m going to put $500 in his piggy bank.

I figure by the end of July, Ethan will have $800 in his bank account.

Almost enough to buy a Ravens season ticket, huh?